This person is the ‘face’ behind the mask in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

The last night episode of popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan made great noise. The unexpected twist in the tale made the show, Vishal Vashishtha and Vansh to trend online with maximum amount of tweets.

Actor Vishal Vashishtha fans applauded Kabir’s last night performance, after he unveiled his devil shade to the audience. The show with each passing day is turning more interesting and thrilling. Kabir revealed his real intention behind misleading Riddhima and risking her life. He confessed Riddhima is just a part of his master plan and he is using her against Vansh.

Well, at one side where everyone is enjoying Kabir’s evil side. Other side curiosity is high to know, who is hiding behind the mask and plotting against Singhania’s? The mask person tried to harm Riddhima before also and in the upcoming episode too, he/she will try to do the same. Now it will be interesting to watch who is hiding behind the mask. Show fans are very sure the revelation of the mask person will be equally shocking just like; Kabir’s true identity.

Till mask person real identity is revealed here we bring few names, comment below who according to you can be the real person behind the mask.

In the tonight episode, doubt on Aryan and Ishani will be shown. Thus, apart from them we doubt it can be Siya or Ragini. From the appearance it seems the mask person is some girl. So, Aryan can’t be the one for sure.

Ishani is highlighted every time, so she can’t be the one; else thriller will be a joke if it is an easy guess.

Coming to Siya, she seems doubtful. Siya is the one who first portrayed herself good in front of Riddhima and urged Vansh to let Riddhima stay back at their house. High chances of Siya to be the face behind the mask. We speculate, Vansh might have restricted Siya for doing whatever she likes and have given freedom only to Ishani. Thus, to teach Vansh a lesson; Siya can join hands with Kabir. Don’t you think alike?

Lastly, we can doubt on Ragini because Dadi said post her break up with Vansh, Ragini’s entry was banned in the house. In the show so far not a single flashback of Ragini was shown. So chances are equally high that Ragini is helping Kabir to avenge Vansh?

These are the few names we speculate can be the person behind the mask. Share your thoughts on the same.

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