This pride month don’t forget to binge Nishabd- Pyaar Manga Hai Tumhi Se

In today’s time when audience shifting to OTT due to content driven and more progressive content; ITV is trying to bring back their viewers by changing their scripts too. TV is no more an ‘idot box’ for showing regressive soaps, newly launched ‘NISHABD’ is a great example amid regular conspiracy and saas-bahu concept.

Newly launched channel ‘Atrangi’ is bringing progressive content for its audience. Show Nishabdh is getting positive response from the masses. The daily news episodes is intriguing. The show is dedicated to LGBTQ. Slowly but today’s zen is accepting gay or lesbian story. Gone are the days when audience feels awkward on such concept. Such progressive tracks will surely bring back the audience back to TV. Nishabdh is truly breaking the taboos. This pride month do not forget to watch Nishabd- a content like never before.

Social media users already talking about recent Gay story shown in Nishabd and praising it! Read out fans review on the show


Wow !! Slowly but surely ITV is making progress, I mean I had no hopes but this is something! Will watch and hype this for sure!

Perfect The struggles of being LGBTQ can be shown in such shows.

This is wow! Seriously first time ITV doing something right in the name of progression Celebrating Pride!

Wow ITV 1st BL show. This should be talked

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Show Nishabd recently showcased a romantic boy’s love story. Their struggle of being with each other was focused. In the shared clip, Prabhat and Sahil realize love for each other. They are shown most comfortable with each other. Prabhat’s father calls him impotent. Prabhat defend himself and confront his love for Sahil. Prabhat’s father gets angry. Prabhat shows his anger and did the unimagined. The twist in the tale left fans shocked. Check out the teaser below.

Sahil and Prabhat will be able to win against the odd of the society? Don’t miss watching the show on Atrangi TV.

Your take on Sahil and Prabhat’s love story! Shoot your views in the comment section below.

Nishabd is a must watch show as it is breathing fresh amid regular drama. Team TellyExpress recommend its viewers to watch the show or read its written update on our site.

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