This QUARANTINE learn skills from Aman to woo your partner

Due to the covid-19 situation in the entire world, the sudden lockdown has made people sit in the home idle. In such a situation, there is endless time for everybody as they have no alternative in hand. Currently, we can see so many people specially celebrities are spending their time either by exercising or showcasing their culinary skills on social media and youtube. Somebody is coming up with their hidden talents. However we have an idea for people who wanted to do something special for their partners. In fact, Aman from Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka has a lot of tips for people out there to do something special for their loved ones.

Make them eat handmade food : There is a say ” Pati ke dil ka raasta pet se hoke jata he”. However, currently even a wife mostly gets impressed with a cook husband and good food. For Roshni even Aman does such similar gestures. He simply made her feel good by having all the favourite food items of her on the table. Not only that he even bakes cookies and brownies for her all by himself. Isn’t it adorable? As it not only makes her happy but also helps you to spend your time in Quarantine.

Make her happy : Do your partner love dresses or jewelleries? If yes then you can follow Aman in this aspect, He not only make sure Roshni becomes happy but he also take care of her favourite colours and preferences while giving her any clothes as a surprise gift. Right from the day of their forced marriage sangeet to celebrating their first marriage anniversary together. Aman has a good eye for the colours that can suit the beauty of his wife. No doubt Roshni gets super impressed with him.

Pamper her : Is there anybody in this world who doesn’t like pampering? Well we don’t think we can have any positive answer for this. Well if you are a busy person and really don’t get time for your lovely partner at home then this quarantine make her feel special by pampering her by taking care of her belongings, help her in making hairstyle or give her a special bath in an exotic way like Aman did it for Roshni and trust me she will feel more special and delighted.

Give her surprises : Making a girl happy is so easy if you know the elements and know how to do it properly. Even a very small thing can make her extremely happy and elated. So all you need to do is choosing the right thing not rich. Like Aman does is for Roshni like he often made her feel happy and cheerful just by doing things for her in a way. Be it make her feel happy by made the dress in her favourite color or make her feel like Switzerland in Lucknow and also of the habit of giving her compliments for her appearances, don’t worry she will feel happy and special.

Support her everywhere : Apart from the materialistic gifts and stuff the most important part is spending time with her and supporting her in every aspect of life. In between the run of life and being in a monkey race we often forget to spending time with each other. Like Aman, we all should spend maximum time with our partners and have a lot of communication in between. It will be amazing for oneself to know how many things are left unsaid between them and you have so much to talk and discuss about.

There is no doubt that Aman and Roshni who are better known as Roshan are one of the adorable couples of Indian Television. They are true soulmates and there is no doubt about the undying love they have for each other. So this Quarantine makes your bond with your partner stronger and beautiful like Roshan. For more updates keep watching this space.