This shloka from Mahabharat is Sourabh Raaj Jain’s favorite

Mahabharat’ re-run on Star Plus gave Sourabh and his family time to sit together and watch the show as a family. With the ongoing track of the show which revolves around Lord Krishna’ narrating the various life lessons in the form of Geeta Saar portrays the connection between God and humans. Sourabh, who is best known for his iconic role in Mahabharat of Shree Krishna shares his favourite shloka with us.

Geeta Saar sequence is just the beginning of the Great War of Kurukshetra. Watching the ongoing sequence of Geeta Saar Sourabh reminisces how these shlokas have an impact on everyone’s lives.

Sourabh says, “All the shlokas of the Geeta give out life lessons in some way or the other. There are many which are very close to my heart and one such shloka is ‘Karmanye Vadhika Rstey’ It’s very simple to understand but very difficult to practice! Though even if one starts to practice it to some extent it definitely brings out a great deal of difference. Continue to do our deeds without any attachment, without any expectation,”Jo ye jaan leta hai ki vo swayam kuch nahin karta…usi sey koi mahatva ka karya ho pata hai”. I feel blessed that I got an opportunity to play Lord Krishna on screen, but I too have my flaws like everybody else. Playing this role has definitely made me more of an introspective person, in return also ensuring that I remind myself over and over again to follow the right path in life.”

Mahabharat is gearing up for its interesting Kurukshetra War sequence in the coming days.

Tune in to Star Plus to find the last episode of ‘Geeta Saar’ sequence at 8:30 pm on 3rd June