Thoda Sa Badaal Thoda sa Paani: What changes will Aion returning back home bring in Arjun and Shreya’s relation?

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is moving on our lead actress Kajol’s marriage track. Guruji has sensed danger on Bishu’s life and he is trying his best to save Bishu. Bishu is trying to arrange money to keep his daughter happy in her in-laws house but will he fall into some trap trying to borrow money? Shreya’s jealousy from Kajol is at peak and she is not leaving any opportunity to insult her. We are all set for the entry of our new lead actor this week.

Bolti asked Shreya why did she give money to the waiter? Shreya told how dare you place such blame on me? Bishu told Naina to take all her taunts back and apologise to Kajol. Bolti told Shreya that you don’t like Kajol that is why you want to insult her. Shreya told she did not force Kajol,Kajol drank because she liked the drink. Kajol’s aunt told today she made Kajol drink alcohol what else will she do when Kajol marries in that house.

Arjun’s mom and aunt scolded Bolti for speaking against Shreya and told her not to speak among elders. Bishu told all this was not good, they called Kajol at their own home and insulted her. Chandana calmed Bishu and told him Arjun is a good guy for Kajol. Kajol’s aunt told we should be glad someone is with Kajol, Arjun will take good care of Kajol and she knows Kajol can handle Shreya well.

Bishu falls ill and Kajol reached hospital to talk with Anurag and asks him why he did not pick up her call? Anurag told he was busy in a surgery. Anurag tells Kajol that her marriage is more important for her than her father’s health and that is why she didn’t do the tests yet. Anurag gives some medicine for Bishu and tells Kajol to be careful while drinking unattended drinks. Anurag praised Kajol for her singing.

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