Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani: Anurag asks Kajol not to show him sympathy?

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa, which currently focuses on how Anurag and Kajol who love each other have been separated due to Priyanka. New twist arises now as Anurag meets a tragedy and Priyanka is ready to leave Anurag. How will this bring turn in Kajol’s life?

In the previous episode Priyanka cried and her mom asked her what she will do. Priyanka decided to call off her marriage with Anurag. Kajol assured Dida that Anurag will be fine. Priyanka blamed Kajol for ruining her relationship with Anurag. Priyanka said Kajol must be happy now. Sharmila told Priyanka and her mother to leave. Kajol said Dida and Sharmila to be there for Anurag as he needs their support.

Apu revealed Anurag somehow got saved but he can’t walk anymore. Bulti started crying hearing that. Apu said Bulti won’t be able to see her brother in
this state. Anurag’s father said Anurag will use wheelchair now and they need to make space for that in his room. Its a new phase of their lives. Kajol said they should not give up. Anandita taunts Kajol saying she should stop interfering in every matter. In the upcoming episodes we will see Anurag feeling helpless and tells Kajol not to be with him just for sympathy as his marriage was called off.

Will Kajol be able support Anurag?

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