Thoda sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Update: Kajol’s father dies.

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is towards the end of Kajol’s marriage. The baraat is set to arrive in the new car given by Bishu to Arjun. Anurag attends the marriage on his aunt’s request and worries about Bishu’s health and Kajol’s well being in Arjun’s family. With the death of Bishu and Rajesh telling everyone about the truth of car Kajol breaks her marriage with Arjun. How will Kajol move ahead in her life?

Arjun aunt told this is a bad omen and girls like this don’t make family but break family. Kajol’s aunt told Anu and Naina to bring a new garland. Shreya told Ayan now you won’t blame me for this would you? Anurag told he doesn’t come in social gatherings to ignore such illogical arguments. Bolti told no need to create such scene it is just a garland and we will get a new one. Arjun told we are educated people and we shouldn’t talk like this and tells Kajol to put the garland.

Bishu is lying on the floor and he gets up with great difficulty. Kajol’s mother told Apu to bring his father down. Anurag told his aunt he has to leave for hospital as he has some urgent work. Arjun told Kajol to smile a little or people will think she is being forced into this marriage. Arjun told Kajol we should forget everything and start again and he will always keep her happy. Kajol recalled her father telling her when someone apologises we should always give them one chance.

Naina told Kajol that father did not have 50lacs to give such an expensive car to Arjun but he still gave that car. Naina told she lost her father due to Kajol because her father had to take so much stress to give this gift to Kajol. The episode ended with Rajesh telling Bishu did not die due to the marriage but he died collecting money for the car demanded by Kajol’s in-laws.

Arjun told Rajesh is in shock that is why he is blaming us. Rajesh told Arjun to ask his father how he talked with Bishu when Bishu requested to give him some time to arrange money for the car. Kajol told but Bishu told me that Arjun’s father agreed to his request of not giving the car. Rajesh told he did not want to burden you,he told everyone about the robbery. Anurag told Rajesh is telling the truth and he was an eye witness to the incident.

Panditji asked who will be the fourth guy? Anurag came forward and gives his shoulder. People started talking that Bishu borrowed a lot of money and he would have returned it but now who will return their money? Chandana told Kajol not to call her mother and she blamed Kajol for Bishu’s death. Shyam told Kajol to come home. Kajol requested him to leave her alone for sometime.

Arjun’s aunt told we have never been insulted so much before. Kaushik told her father had died so I had to stay silent. Anurag’s aunt told Kajol is such a nice girl and still they wanted a car. Anurag’s father told he is shocked why did Kaushik ask for dowry even after being so rich. Anurag’s aunt told she feels pity for Kajol,her mother became a widow and her marriage broke. Anurag’s aunt asked him how is Kajol?

Chandana blamed Kajol for her father’s death. Naina accused Kajol knew everything and she might have only forced Bishu to give the car to Arjun. Kajol told Bishu told me everything is okay and he kept me in complete darkness. Anurag’s aunt praised Kajol and told she wish to find a girl like Kajol for him. Thakur Maa told Chandana do you think blaming Kajol will bring Bishu back? Thakur maa scolded Naina for blaming Kajol. Ayan told his family he and Shreya are leaving for Rajasthan next morning.

Ayan told it is Arjun’s decision if he really loves Kajol and will support her during her hard time. Kajol told Thakur Maa she tried to stop Bishu a lot but he did not listen to her. Kajol cried thinking about her mother’s taunts. Anurag thought to ask Kajol once if everything is okay. Arjun tries calling Kajol and she cuts the call angrily. Kajol thought Shreya was right Arjun is really a player and now she can understand it. Kajol decided never to forgive Arjun.

In the upcoming episode Kajol recognises Anjali’s picture and gets nostalgic, and starts reminiscing about Anjali.