Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Weekly Update: Will Anurag apologize to kahol.

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is now popular among audience as Anurag is trying to change himself. Anurag keeps scolding Kajol when they meet and regrets later. Anurag and Kajol were all set to meet and teach music to the kids but a tragedy happens with Kajol. Where is Kajol and how will Anurag find her? Will Anurag tell his feelings to Kajol? Arjun is planning to take revenge from Kajol by using her younger sister Naina. Will Arjun be successful in his plan? Will Chandana make Kajol apologize to Arjun?

Apu tells Kajol was wearing a similar suit and the watch is also Kajol’s. Anurag lashes out at Arjun and blames him for everything. Police comes and informs Anurag that a girl has been admitted in hospital and she is hurt on head and doesn’t remember anything but she is just telling to meet Doctor Anurag. Anurag rushed to the room and gets emotional on finding Kajol alive in hospital bed.

Kajol gains consciousness and asks how is she here, she had a meeting with Anurag. Anurag scolds her and tells does she have any idea how much worried everyone is for her. Anurag told her about the accident of a girl and how her family believes she is dead. Kajol tries to get up but is hurt. Anurag brought Kajol home.

Everyone is glad to watch Kajol safe. Chandana hugs Kajol and asks her if she is okay and brings water for her. Naina asked Kajol did she come home alone? Thakur Maa told how will she come alone in such condition Doctor Anurag dropped her. Naina asks Kajol where was she all day and how did she get injured? Kajol told she was walking and suddenly fainted. Arjun told Naina to find out what is going on in between them. Naina tells she will ask Kajol later. Arjun planned to manipulate Naina to make Kajol’s life hell. Arjun told Naina why did Kajol do all this drama, maybe she wanted to gain sympathy and importance.

Arjun’s mother told his father how Chandana promised her that Kajol will apologise to them in front of everyone. Anurag told his aunt that Kajol is safe. Anurag though finally Kajol is safe and maybe this accident will remove all misunderstandings between her family. Thakur Maa told Kajol she should thank Anurag that he brought her home. Kajol told her how Anurag found her.

Naina tried to instigate Chandana against Kajol and Anurag. Chandana told Naina if she cannot help Kajol atleast not to criticise her she is doing her best. Anurag told his NGO manager to get the brochures printed again from Kajol’s printing press. Anurag hopes he will meet Kajol in the NGO and apologize to her.

Kajol reached NGO and helps a kid,she feels relaxed with the kids. Anuradha watched Kajol with the kids and praises her. They told Kajol about the brochure and their order. Kajol watched Anurag played with the kids and got emotional with them. Anuradha tells Kajol this NGO is run by Anurag. Kajol thinks he is such a sweet person but sometimes he is so rude she will never understand him.

Anurag fought with the goons and all of them run away. Anurag is hit on his head while fighting and falls unconscious in Kajol’s lap. Kajol called ambulance and police comes. They clicked photos of the Doctor Anurag and brought him to hospital. Doctor told Kajol no need to be worried the wound was not deep but he is unconscious,we will shift him to ward you can meet him after sometime. Kajol’s family gets worried for her as it is getting late.

Kajol came to Anurag’s room and he gains consciousness. Kajol feels relieved that Anurag is fine. Anurag’s aunt and father come to hospital and ask him how all this happened. Anurag’s aunt thanked Kajol for bringing Anurag to hospital. Anurag got angry and told Kajol what was the need to inform his family for such minor injury. Anurag shouts at Kajol and tells he will take his decision and asks her to leave. Anurag’s father scolds him and he realizes it was his mistake again. Anurag’s aunt apologizes to Kajol. Anurag thought of apologizing to Kajol and telling her what he feels about her. Chandana told Kajol not to forget the rules of house because her father is not here.

In the upcoming episode Chandrika lashes out at Kajol and slaps her after seeing a news clip of her with Anurag. Moreover, Naina accuses Kajol of trapping Anurag as she had with Arjun.

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