Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Weekly Update: Will Chandana forgive Kajol and understand her?

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is on a interesting track right now and viewers have a lot of expectations from the show. Anurag is in love with Kajol and tries his best to keep her happy. Anurag is able to bring Kajol to his NGO’s durga Puja but what drama will unfold when her family finds out about it. Naina is successful in her mission of exposing Kajol in front of everyone. Will Chandana understand Kajol or will Kajol be blamed for lying? Ayan finally catches Shreya red handed and Arjun puts the entire blame on her. How will Shreya take her revenge now? Anurag finally confesses his feelings and asks for Kajol’s hand in marriage. Will Kajol realize Anurag’s feelings for her?

Chandana said Kajol should have died instead of her father. Kajol heard her mother on the phone and started crying thinking she did nothing to bring insult for her family. Anurag’s grandmother scolded his father and aunt that how could they let such characterless girl take part in family’s puja. Sharmila told her that Kajol is a very simple girl and she is an image of Anjali. Sharmila thought how will she explain to her that Kajol is Anurag’s choice too.

Anurag asked Sharmila if she saw Kajol anywhere because he is really worried. Sharmila told so much has happened with her she might have gone back to home. Anurag told so much have happened with her that is why she won’t go home. Priyanka asked Anurag why is he concerned so much. Anurag says we care for people we love and tells he doesn’t need to clarify anything to her. Sharmila told finally Anurag told his feelings and he loves Kajol.

Kajol prays to Durga Maa to bless Anurag. Kajol’s leg slipped from the cliff and she falls down. Anurag watched Kajol fall from the cliff and rushes to save her. Kajol holds on to duppata and Anurag tries to pull her up. Anurag thought Kajol was about to suicide and he saved her life. Arjun and his family came to Kajol’s house and tells they cannot keep getting insulted like this again and again. Chandana told them not to give the punishment of one daughter’s mistake to another daughter. Anurag brought an unconscious Kajol home and told that she tried to take her life.

Anurag told Chandana today Kajol tried to take her life because of her. Kajol gained consciousness and told Anurag not to talk with his mother like this and she did no try to commit suicide it was an accident. Kajol explained to everyone how she went near the cliff to save a child and fell down by accident.

Naina told Chandana it is enough today she has to make a choice between her and Kajol. Chandana holds Naina’s hands. Kajol told Chandana not to leave her hand,she said father has already left her and now if Chandana leaves her she will be alone. Chandana leaves Kajol’s hand but Anurag holds her hand. Anurag told Kajol she will never be alone in her life because he chooses her.

Anurag told Kajol he choosed her and he wishes to marry her. Kajol said today by proposing her in front of everyone Anurag turned everyone’s doubt into confirmation. Kajol told she wants to be someone’s choice not a last option. Anurag told Kajol that is why he is telling her he chooses her. Kajol told Anurag she is not so helpless that Anurag will have pity on her. Anurag told how can she think that he will pity on her, his words cannot explain his emotions but he really wants to marry her. Kajol told her answer is no.

Sharmila planned to ask for Kajol’s hand. Kajol told Anurag is a very good guy but there is someone else in his life and he wants to marry Kajol for her self-respect not love. Thakur Maa told Kajol to take some time and think because she can see love for Kajol in Anurag’s eyes.

Sharmila told Anurag she and his father wants to see Kajol as their daughter-in-law. Anurag told her yes he loves Kajol but Kajol doesn’t feel the same way,Kajol thinks that Anurag wants to marry her out of pity. Anurag told today he proposed Kajol for marriage and became a fool in front of everyone.

In the upcoming episode Anurag writes a hearrfelf apology letter and imagines Kajol forgiving him.

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