Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani: Whom will Chandana choose?

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is on a interesting track right now and viewers have a lot of expectations from the show. Anurag is in love with Kajol and tries his best to keep her happy. Anurag is able to bring Kajol to his NGO’s durga Puja but what drama will unfold when her family finds out about it. Naina is on a mission to expose Kajol and make everyone in the house to hate her. Ayan finally catches Shreya red handed and Arjun puts the entire blame on her. How will Shreya take her revenge now? Will Kajol realize Anurag’s feelings for her?

Naina told Kajol to open her eyes and stop her drama. Kaushik told this family is more like a circus. Anandita said everytime she feels everything is going right they create another new drama. Anurag told Naina to shut up. Naina told Kajol is her sister and she can do whatever she wants with her who is he to stop her? Anurag told Kajol is someone he respects from his heart.

Anurag told Chandana today Kajol tried to take her life because of her. Kajol gained consciousness and told Anurag not to talk with his mother like this and she did no try to commit suicide it was an accident. Kajol explained to everyone how she went near the cliff to save a child and fell down by accident.

Naina told Chandana it is enough today she has to make a choice between her and Kajol. Chandana holds Naina’s hands. Kajol told Chandana not to leave her hand,she said father has already left her and now if Chandana leaves her she will be alone. Chandana leaves Kajol’s hand but Anurag holds her hand. Anurag told Kajol she will never be alone in her life because he chooses her.

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