Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani: Will Anurag come to the award function?

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal is now moving towards an interesting phase raising the interest of audience. Anurag has finally dared to speak out his emotions to Kajol but Kajol is under misunderstanding due to Priyanka’s lie. Kajol mistakes Anurag’s love as pity. Priyanka continues her dirty game further to keep Kajol misinformed. Will Kajol realize about Anurag’s true feelings for her? Will Anurag be able to express his heart out to Kajol? Will Kajol find out about Priyanka’s lies?

Anurag thought of going to the award function. Kajol waited for Anurag and told she wants to receive the award from the little girl who saved her life. Anurag decided not to go to award function. Thakur Maa and Kajol’s siblings watched the award ceremony on phone and clapped for her on receiving the award. Kajol told she would like to dedicate the award to her father who taught her to help others always. Anurag watched Kajol’s speech on his phone.

Kajol told she would also like to dedicate the award to Doctor Anurag because without him she wouldn’t have been standing here. Kajol thanked Anurag for saving her life and praises him for always being there for her family and helping them selflessly. Anurag felt good to know Kajol thinks good about him. Anurag thought he will live with Kajol’s memories forever as now he cannot give anyone else place in his heart.

Sharmila told Kajol about Anurag’s feelings for her and how he leaving because of her rejection. Kajol decided to go to airport and tell Anurag about her misunderstanding. Kajol’s cab broke down halfway and she started running towards the airport. Kajol found Anjali’s photo and diary and picks it up. Anurag tells her it is his diary and is shocked to find Kajol. Kajol gets emotional on meeting Anurag and asked him if it is necessary to leave?

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