Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani: Will Anurag invite Kajol?

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is now becoming popular among audience as they like the story of Anurag and Kajol. Anurag is trying hard to convey his feelings to Kajol but always ends up shouting at her and feeling guilty later. Anurag is helping Kajol in every possible way while Kajol is unaware of Anurag’s feeling. Arjun is using Naina and instigating her against Kajol.
Kajol meets an accident and leaves everyone shocked. A shocking newspaper headline brings unrest at Kajol’s house. How will Kajol pay her father’s debt back? Will Anurag be able to confess his feelings?

Thakur Maa told Kajol she should be thankful to Anurag. Thakur Maa told Kajol that Anurag stood up for you and clarified about the newspaper article to everyone,he fought with his own family for you. Thakur Maa told today when everyone was against you only he stood for your self-respect and it takes a lot of guts to do that and you should be grateful to him. Kajol thought all this is correct but she has to stay away from Anurag because of Chandana.
Kaushik called Anurag’s father and asks him if he has ever insulted them? Kaushik told him Anurag insulted them in front of everyone because of Kajol. Anurag told he won’t apologize to them.

Anurag’s aunt told him his mother celebrated Durga Pooja every year. Kajol has a flashback of celebrating Puja with her father and everyone. Kajol dropped her piggy bank by accident and it breaks. Kajol told them we won’t celebrate Puja this time but I will buy new clothes for you all with this money. Anurag’s aunt praised Kajol and she got jealous. Anurag told Kajol his aunt wanted Kajol to help her in celebrating pooja in NGO.

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