Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani: Will Anurag’s letter reach Kajol?

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal is now moving towards an interesting phase raising the interest of audience. Anurag has finally dared to speak out his emotions to Kajol but Kajol is under misunderstanding due to Priyanka’s lie. Kajol mistakes Anurag’s love as pity. Priyanka continues her dirty game further to keep Kajol misinformed. Will Kajol realize about Anurag’s true feelings for her? Will Anurag be able to express his heart out to Kajol? Will Kajol find out about Priyanka’s lies?

Anurag wrote a sorry letter with a card to Kajol. Anurag apologized to Kajol and writes her to meet him in NGO if she forgives him. Anurag gave the card to worker and tells him to give it to Kajol. The worker kept Anurag’s letter on Kajol’s table. Kajol puts some documents on it and failed to notice the letter. Kajol asked the worker to shred some documents and he took Anurag’s letter along with the documents. Anurag’s grandmother told Sharmila that Priyanka is a perfect match for Anurag. Sharmila told her that Anurag and Priyanka are just friends. Grandmother doesn’t listen to her and told now she just needs to talk with Priyanka’s family. Sharmila hoped Anurag patches things up with Kajol soon.

Anurag waited at the NGO for Kajol. He imagined Kajol singing and dancing with him. Putul brought Anurag out of his imagination and asked will Kajol come to meet her? Anurag thought if Kajol doesn’t come today he should understand that she doesn’t have any feelings for her. Anurag got excited when he hears the kids telling that someone has came. Putul tells Anurag she thought it was Kajol but it is Priyanka. Priyanka played with kids and thought she will continue this drama to make a way into Anurag’s heart. Anurag thinks Kajol did not come to meet him even after reading the letter maybe her no was really a no he can’t force himse

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