Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani: Will Kajol be able to bear the pain of watching Anurag marry Priyanka?

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Colors Tv show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is the story of a simple girls who wins heart of people with her helping attitude. Death of Kajol’s father make her the bread earner for her family. Anurag falls in love with Kajol but the evil plan of Priyanka keeps them apart. Anurag and Kajol help unite the young lovebirds Apu and Bolti. Will Kajol find out about Priyanka’s blackmail? Will Anurag a find a way out of this situation?

Priyanka told Kajol to prove that she wants detachment from Anurag and attend all her marriage functions. Anandita told she will definitely attend Anurag and Priyanka’s wedding to enjoy Kajol’s pride breaking down. Sharmila told everytime their is an occasion at her house,Kajol is insulted openly.
Sharmila told Anurag to begin by apologizing to Kajol. Sharmila gave Anjali’s letter to Anurag. Anjali wrote your wife will take my place in your life and you should love her a lot,protect her and always be with her. Anjali wrote she is leaving behind her necklace for her daughter-in-law. Anjali wrote not to repeat the mistake his father made and give his wife all the happiness in world and her blessings will always be with him.

Kajol told Thakur Maa that she can bear a lot. Dida Maa told Priyanka that with great cleverness she made everything possible. Sharmila thought what happiness is Priyanka getting by doing all this when she knows that her to be husband loves someone else. Anurag told he is not here to sit and to call him if they have any work. Priyanka thought some day Anurag’s anger will go down. Kajol told Bolti to meet her family. Kajol told Apu to stay with Bolti and not leave her alone.

In the next episode Priyanka forces Kajol to apply Anurag’s leftover Haldi to her but her plan backfires as the the haldi spills over Kajol.

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