Throwback Bigg Boss 13: When Siddharth Shukla entertained us with his sarcasm!

After constant fight, maximum cancellation of the tasks and non-stop entertainment; Siddharth Shukla walked out taking the title of Bigg Boss 13. Along with the trophy of Bigg Boss 13 Siddharth won the hearts of the audiences. Hunk was judged for not doing any work, was warned by Salman Khan to control his temper and was accused for all wrong reasons. Inspite of that Shukla breaks the most records and made new records online by getting trended in just few hours with million plus tweets.

Bigg Boss 13 will always be remembered because of Siddharth Shukla’s performance inside the house. Right from his bond with Shehnaz Gill, fight with Asim Riaz, hate-love relationship with Rashmi desai to friendship with Paras and Mahira; entire season was Siddharth centric. Siddharth temper was seasons highlight but more than that his sarcastic behavior was in more talk.

Hunk is the only person inside the house who was talking with all. And this is the reason he deserved to be the trophy winner of the season 13 of Bigg Boss show.

Siddharth was seen getting sarcastic with Rashmi Desai, Madhurimma Tuli, Shehnaz Gill and other. Siddharth’s sarcasm brought laughter on our face. And his comment on Madhurimma and Vishal’s fight is unforgettable.

Scene goes like this; Madhurima was sitting in the jail after getting the punishment from Bigg Boss for hitting Vishal. Siddharth comes to the kitchen and says to her “Pan tune kya maara behen, maar maar ke uska khula thod daala. Madhurima interrupts and says she is paying for it- Sid than continues; abhi chal raha hai na wo ‘behen ji’ jaise thumk thumk ke. His one liner throughout the entire season was catchy. Siddharth’s dialogue became Tik Tok material and fans started quoting his dialogues in their videos.

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