Tonight Spoiler! Kulfi unwillingly sings at the wedding: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is witnessing high voltage drama.

Tonight Spoiler! Kulfi unwillingly sings at the wedding: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

If you follow the show than you must be well aware of the current track, after Sikander announced Kulfi is Mohinder’s daughter, his brother takes it seriously. Mohinder takes Kulfi with him and promises that he will make her big star like Sikander. He also breaks his all the ties with Sikander.

Sikander tries to make his brother understand but Mohinder decides to launch Kulfi separately. Mohinder asks Vikram to launch Kulfi. Vikram fetches an opportunity to avenge Sikander via Kulfi and Mohinder.

Kulfi gets upset, as she is not able to spend time with Sikander because of all the mess. Mohinder asks Sikander not to meet his daughter without his permission. Sikander hides from his brother and goes to meet Kulfi. Kulfi gets happy seeing Sikander and duo talks with each other.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Vikram will bring a singing offer for kulfi which will shock Sikander.

Vikram will come to Mohinder and will tell him about wedding event. He will ask Mohinder to send Kulfi to sing at the event. Sikander will oppose but his brother will ask him not to interrupt in his matter. Later, Mohinder will manipulate Sikander when Sikander will refuse to allow Kulfi to sing at the wedding. Sikander will try to convince Mohinder saying work is workship but Mohinder will ask Sikander to give Kulfi her blessings.  Meanwhile, Sikander when get enraged when Amyra puts forth an unexpected demand.

What new twists and turn will come in the life of Sikander, Kulfi and Amyra will be interesting to watch.

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