Top 3 Bollywood films on gambling

Betting and casinos are both forms of gambling that have been shown in films all around the world. There are numerous films presenting the world of gambling with a hint of mystery and fascinating tales, ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood. Whether it’s a scene from “Focus” in which Will Smith wagers all of his money to appease his ego, or a scene from “Race” in which Saif Ali Khan tells his rival how he outplayed him by betting on the horse of the future.

Nowadays, the best Indian online casino sites, like those found here, will provide a fantastic gaming experience for your mobile device, but watching other people gamble on the big screen always raises your adrenaline. So, in this article, we’ll discuss some of the best Bollywood films set in the world of gambling.

The Great Gambler, 1979

This is another gambling Bollywood film by Big B. The film follows Jai (played by Bachchan), a long-time gambler who has never lost a single game in his life. Ratan Das, an underworld don, asks him to play on his behalf to earn large sums of money from the casino’s wealthy patrons. He unwittingly traps a government official, Nath, and wins all of his money in the game. The rest of the movie revolves around Nath being blackmailed by some gangsters after losing all of his money and Jai meeting his twin brother Vijay. The film is chock-full of thrilling gambling scenes and unexpected cameo appearances by new characters.

Jannat, 2008

Emran Hashmi’s first big success was the movie Jannat in 2008. Jannat is a film directed by Kuna Deshmukh and starring Sonal Chauhan and Hashmi in key roles. It tells the story of a man named Arjun who bets on cricket using his skills and so-called “sixth sense.” He goes from being an ordinary bettor to a bookie by employing his skills. He then relocates to South Africa to work as a matchmaker for Don Abu Ibrahim, a gangster. The film then shows how Arjun’s desire for more money and his involvement in unlawful match-fixing affect his and his family’s lives. This will always be remembered as one of the best Bollywood gambling movies.

Teen Patti, 2010

The title of the film encapsulates most of it. Teen Patti is a film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, R Madhavan and Shraddha Kapoor, in what is largely based on the Hollywood hit 21. The film narrates the story of Venkat, a mathematics professor played by Bachchan, who exploited his arithmetic skills to win the Teen Patti competition (a card game). He has invented a new theory regarding poker games, but it has been rejected, so he enlists the help of some of his students to put the idea to the test. Then, greedy for cash, they try it in local addas to actual casinos. The story will keep you awake at night because someone is blackmailing them, and the rest of the novel is about what happens when they win.