Top 5 elements that is making Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke the most favorite show!

Star plus one of the most popular shows “Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke” is finally seeing the much-awaited love track of Mishti and Abir in the storyline. Abir finally confessed his feelings to Mishti and she also accepted wholeheartedly. Currently, these two love birds are having their “we moment” in the show. Though Fans of the show always seen and expected Abir to be the one taking initiatives once their relation starts. They are quite amazed and impressed with timid Mishti who keeps her shy nature at the backseat and openly claiming his man in any given opportunities. The couple is adored by fans as “MishBir” while these two have their own set of names for each other as well. While Abir calls her as “Angry Thief”, Mishti also addresses him as “Weird Rajvansh”. Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma who also share a good bonding off-screen are putting lives to the characters effortlessly.

Today we are bringing to you the top five elements that contribute to the factor that makes them favorites of many.

A Unique Concept

“Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke” , the show which launched as a spin-off of the longest-running show of Star Plus named “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai”. The female protagonist of the show Mishti Agarwal is someone who questions the pioneer of relationships and bonding. She rather wants to analysis the basic foundation of the concepts injected inside us. Abir Rajvansh, a boy belongs from Rajkot is carefree and has his own set of views regarding life and life events. He is hopeful and dares to dream about his desires. He meets Mishti and how their dynamics and exchange of points of views with each other leads them to a beautiful future ahead is the main concept of the show. Moreover, the show will talk about mindsets people usually have regarding the actions and reactions of a boy and a girl.

Per Excellent Actors

Food and the cooking process of making that recipe always stays the same what makes the real difference is the hands that are investing in making it. The love and care and the understanding of the technicalities actually make a difference in the taste of food. The same goes for making such a beautiful love story admirable. Writers directors do the job on paper but it is actors who bring those words and the emotions in it alive on screen. Shaheer Sheikh as Abir Rajvansh seems to be an inseparable combination. I think everyone will agree that standing today at this point, seeing this boy performing and slaying the shades of Abir throughout the 126 episodes, no one can be a better choice than him for this job. Rhea Sharma, post her stint in another established show is looking impressive and evolved in the show as Mishti Agarwal. These two people make the bonding and relation of Abir and Mishti looks real and genuine on-screen.

Insecurities Vs Hopes

Mishti Agarwal who is deprived of witnessing a good environment and bonding of two people change their life dynamics. She is indifferent rather scared of being involved in a business where she has no scope looking back. Abir is the hope, strength and the belief of Mishti which she fears to bring out. He injects the element of being carefree and giving life a chance to make its way to happiness and prosperity. He is always her partner and friend first before being a partner of her life events. The insecurities Mishti has due to her disturbed childhood and troublesome society, He is the encouraging element of her. He made her feel beautiful, nice and wanted. This conflict of personalities and how they blend with each other is what attracts people the most.

The complications of relationships

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is not only a show about two people falling in love and being each other’s soulmate. This show increases the graph of capturing life events and the complex mentalities of people living under the same roof forth to show the complex equations of the relations which share with our dear ones. We often encounter many such situations in life where the most known persons of life seem like a stranger. The give and take mentality, expectations, and disappointments and the acceptance of difference of opinions do create a lot of hurdles in our life. This show deals with such complexity of human nature and how it affects not only the person concerned but also the surrounding.

The Perfect Pairing

It will be a sin if we do not mention the imperfectly perfect pairing of Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma. A tall boy and a short girl usually make the perfect pairing and the same is happening here too. She is his passion for creating arts and he is her solution to every problem. She is his source of finding beauty in everything, He is her beautiful asset to ignore every other malicious element of life. She makes him complete while he makes her go beyond the boundaries. He accepts the way she is, be it her denying his brother for marriage or the specs being part of her identity. Abir loves the raw flavor of Mishti, the way she is without any coating. Both of them find solace in each other’s presence and somehow this love between them gives them the courage to win every hate coming their way. A perfect fairytale of two ordinary people isn’t it?