Top 5 ITV evergreen Jodi: Pick your favorite

Fall in love once again with these Love stories of the television couples whose love story took time to build up.

From fight to other gestures of romance and love their love story has a different, unique and hit flavor.


Who can forget this EK ISQH EK JUNOON love?

Love story of RK ‘the superstar’ and Madhubala has lots of sensation all together. The ‘biwi’ or ‘Aahaan’ from RK to Madhu is enough for the fans to give their heart to this couple. Their story started with all the revenge and humiliation but later RK and Madhu turned out the fiery couple of the Television history and as a result these two today also is a dream Jodi for their fans.


This Jodi has earned multiple Jodi awards when their show was on-air. Arnav and khushi has some breath-taking charm that their love story is still so fresh. Story of a business tycoon Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada and an ordinary girl Ms. Khushi Kumari gupta, hate-love story started after Mr. Raizada thought that Khushi has sabotaged one of his events. The hate later turned into a beautiful love saga of Arnav and khushi.


This perfect looking naagin couple also has different shades of love. Though this was a supernatural series but it too had a plot of revenge and love. And Shivanya and Ritik onscreen romance is sizzling and hot.


Their love story is a realistic take on romantic relation. How the love of Sonakshi and Dev survives between the close-knit relation of his mother and him, their love story was not easy to take a place but Dev and Sonakshi bond outdid every test on their way.


This cute love story was about a rich girl and a poor boy who later falls into some serious relationship. The Jodi of Ranveer and Ishani was hit because of their cute adorable and awful chemistry.

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