Top 5 scenes from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

Show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is witnessing high voltage twists and turns.

Kanika Mann (Guddan) and Nishant Singh Malkani (Akshat Jindal) starring show never fail to amaze the audiences with their drama. After  Antara is arrested by the police for her crimes, viewers may feel that now Akshat and Guddan can live their life happily but it is not over yet as Guddan’s life now take more twists and turns.

Thus, here we bring to you top 5 scenes, check them out.

Akshat realizes his mistakes.

Well, after 4 years, Akshat came to know about the truth, he felt pity on Guddan because she had to suffer so much humiliation without doing anything wrong.  Akshat feels that he is definitely not an ideal husband and does not deserve Guddan in his life and because of this he kneels in front God and asks for punishment for his sins.  He thinks that now he will never grieve Gudden after this, so he decides to get away from her.

Akshat and Guddan reunite.

Gudden wants to make AJ jealous , so she decides to marry his friend.  But Saraswati’s plan creates more problems in her life.  Guddan’s friend threatens her to get married and summons some goons and harasses Guddan.  AJ could not bear it and he beat the boy and save the love of his life and then AJ confess his love to Gudden and ask her to marry him again. The duo reunite .  AJ apologizes to Gudden for his misdeeds, Gudden forgives him and then the two fill their lives with love and trust.

Saraswati’s cunning plan backfires on her.

Saraswati conspires against Guddan on the festival of Holi and she mixes glass particles in the colors of Holi as she wants to destroy Guddan’s face. Later she uses a water balloon and some glass particles in it  Connects.  And throws it at Guddan but  the balloon hits with something and comes back to Saraswati and falls on her.  She starts crying because she feels her face is ruined now.

Jindal faimly accept Avinash and Ganga.

Guddan wants to reunite the Jindal family, so she makes a plan and disguises herself as a goon and kidnaps Arav, but the plan fails because Arav runs from her hand and  Later, Avinash resolves this problem and saves Arav.  The Jindal family gets very happy with this act of Avinash, and they forgive him and accept him as a member.

Love moments between Akshat and Guddan.

In welcome party of Avinash and Ganga, AJ and Guddan shares some romantic moments together. AJ pulls Guddan towards him and praises her beauty. He locks himself and Guddan in cupboard so no one can disturb their Precious moments.

These are the top 5 scenes from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega! What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

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