Top 5 scenes from Kumkum Bhagya

Show Kumkum Bhagya is witnessing high voltage twists and turns.

Mugdha Chaphekar and Krishna kaul starring show never fail to amaze the audiences with their drama, Earlier it’s seen that Chobey falls prey to misunderstandings.  He thinks that Ranbir loves Maya and so he wants to break Maya’s marriage, while Ranbir tries to convince Chaubey that this is just a misunderstanding, I don’t love Maya.  But Chaubey created a big fuss and threatened Ranbir to marry his daughter. And that’s how Ranbir’s life become mess while  Prachi and others tries to stop this marriage.

Thus, here we bring to you top 5 scenes, check them out.

Prachi feels something for Ranbir.

In Maya’s engagement Party both Ranbir and Prachi disguises theirself as a dancer. When both are dancing together, Prachi got lost in Ranbir’s eyes. She feels something different for Ranbir, which make Prachi slightly uncomfortable because this is the first time she has felt something like this. She think that is this love which now i feel for Ranbir.

Prachi Ranbir’s wife.

To stop Maya and Ranbir’s marriage, duo hire a girl Dimple and ask her to become Ranbir’s fake wife so that Chobey stop this marriage but that girl don’t come on end time and because of this Prachi become Ranbir fake wife and tries to stop the marriage. And tells everyone that i am Ranbir’s wife. So you can’t get him married to anyone else. As i am his only lawful wife.

Ranbir confess his love.

When Ranbir is dancing with Maya. Prachi feels jealous and grab Ranbir with her, she later asks Ranbir you do really start liking Maya. Ranbir denys it and says, i can’t like a girl except you. Because i am in love with you and i only likes you and wants to marry you. You’re enough for me. And no girl can take your place in my life.

Maya accept her sins.

Pallavi give Maya juice which contains alcohol. And when Maya gets drunk then Pallavi and Prachi send her to Ranbir’s room. Later when Ranbir asks Maya that why did you  file a case against me. Maya speak truth that i did it for my benefits and now if you do not marry me then i will case a file against your whole family because i can do anything for my benefits. And Prachi records Maya’s whole confession.

Maya refuse to marry Ranbir.

After knowing the fact that Ranbir and Prachi have and affair and Ranbir also tells her that he never be able to keep her happy as he only loves Prachi and wants to spend his life with Prachi. She gets frustrated and asks her mother cancel this marriage.

These are the top 5 scenes from Kumkum Bhagya! What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

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