Top most reasons to watch Star Plus ‘Mahabharat’ again!

“Tumne Draupadi ki vivasta dekhi hai, ab mai tumhara vidvansh dekhungi”

This scene from 2013 series Star Plus Mahabharat still chills the nerves. When the promo was out where Draupadi was struggling to save her pride and five Pandava’s where standing head down along with this dialogue; viewers just can’t control themselves more for the show to air this episode.

Show Mahabharat of Star Plus was one of the most popular show that made the viewer’s to glue to their seats. Show successfully ran for one year and after it got ended shows fans missed the show. Well, thanks to channel once again for bringing everyone’s favorite ‘Mahabharat’ back on the screen!

Yes, you read it right Star Plus show ‘Mahabharat’ is going to air on Star Plus again from 30th March 2020 from 6 PM Mon-Fri. The decision was taken to cover the prime time slot as the current on-air shows are on break due to COVID-19. The news is already exciting the shows fans. And here we are highlighting few more reasons why you shouldn’t miss watching ‘Mahabharat’ re-run!

The epic tale:

Mahabharat is one of the ancient epic tale that depicts the story of the two cousin (Kauravas and Pandava’s) who fight against each other at the Kurukshetra.

It all started when Draupadi laughed at Dhooryodhan when he fails to reach the palace centre. Filled with rage Dhooryodhan decides to avenge Draupadi and he finally gets succeed. The Pandava’s prince looses to Dhooryodhan and from their Mahabharat started.

Well, who don’t want to watch such an epic tale with all graphics and sounds. Star Plus is giving another opportunity to you all for reliving such an epic tale once again so don’t miss watching it Mon-fri at 6 PM sharp.

Shaheer Sheikh:

Actor Shaheer Sheikh is the another reason; you should not miss watching the show. Hunk played the character of Arjun in the show and his flawless performance is always a treat to watch.

Shaheer in the role of Arjuna’ the warrior gave the breath taking performance. His eyes already speak more than the dialogues. And in ‘Mahabharat’ too he was impressively expressive. So, if you are fan of Shaheer Sheikh’ binge watch the re-run of the show.

Saurabh Raj Jain:

Actor rose to fame from the series. As Krishna; Saurabh brought life to the character. Fans already drool over his smile. And you can’t afford to miss his stellar performance once again.

Shaheer and Saurabh Raj made the series extra-appealing with their top notch performance. And along with them the whole cast and story line of the show is entertaining to watch.

Tune on to star plus from 30th March, 2020 at 6 PM to relive ‘Mahabharat’.

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