Top qualities that made Shaheer Sheikh recognizable as ‘Arjun the Warrior’

Shaheer Sheikh is still praised for his character of Arjun in Star Plus show ‘Mahabharat’.

He is skillful actor and there is no second thought in that. Shaheer well knows how to bring life to the character and this is the reason hunk delivered remarkable performance in his so far TV career.

In the show Mahabharat when actor was introduced to us as Arjun, our eyes got stuck to his utmost confidence as warrior. Well, there are many articles in the past that beautifully described why Shaheer is loved as Arjun. But today adding more to it we will describe top most qualities that made Sheikh recognizable as ‘Arjun’.


Shaheer was expressive, charming and charismatic in the role of Arjun.

When he first appeared on the screen as Arjun, he was shown focused, powerful and sharp. He had the right proportion of expression, body language and appearance. And these qualities made Shaheer surely recognizable as Arjun.


A good actor needs lots of confidence to deliver such a powerful character like an Arjun. Shaheer didn’t lack in that. Whenever he was seen doing archery, his confidence in such scenes was fabulous. His talent was proven in the scene when Shaheer perfectly performed the scene of hitting the fish eye.


Arjun of Mahabharat was the only warrior among the other entire warriors who was full of strength and energy. Shaheer’s energy level in the show was always high and he deeply performed the character.


Sheikh as Arjun effectively conveyed all the emotion of warrior through his actions.

Shaheer Sheikh:

And last but not the least character Arjun was recognized because Shaheer Sheikh played the role. He is ITV’s one of the most versatile actor and through his performance he creates irreplaceable place in the heart of the audiences.

These are few top qualities that made Shaheer Sheikh recognizable as Arjun the warrior.

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