Top reasons why you should watch Barrister Babu?

Colors show Barrister Babu starring Pravisth Mishra and Aurra Bhatnagar is topping the TRP chart.

Newly launched Barrister Babu since its premiere is winning the audience’s attention with their powerful plot. Set on Kolkata backdrop the story revolves around the life of Bondita and Anirudh is entertaining to watch.

Anirudh (Pravisth Mishra) completes his Barrister degree and returns to Tulsipur to bring the change in the society and fight against the old sterotypes. After few days of his return Anirudh goes to attend his friend’s marriage at Bondita’s (Aurra Bhatnagar) village and found she is all set to marry old aged man. He tries to raise his voice against the marriage but villagers asked him not to interrupt. Further, on the marriage day the old man dies and villagers decide to get Bondita sati along with him. Anirudh raises his voice against such beliefs and villagers questions his relationship with Bondita.

Anirudh fills Bondita’s hairline with sindoor and marries her to protect her from being sati. Now the real story begun from there when Bondita reaches Roy’s house.

Bondita reaches Roy’s house and Anirudh’s family screams at Anirudh for marrying little girl. Anirudh’s girlfriend Mini too gets angry at him for marrying someone else. Later, she gets happy learning Bondita is a little girl and she can easily throw her out from the house. The story so far is interesting and here we are highlighting few more reasons as why you should watch Barrister Babu!

  1. No Saas-bahu conspiracy:

Saas-bahu conspiracy is ITV’s most favorite plot but Barrister Babu is refreshing, as they are showing less conspiracy which is beyond saas-bahu. Anirudh takes the responsibility of Bondita after marrying her and how he helps her to become Barrister will be interesting to watch!

  • Anirudh and Bondita’s bond:

Actor Pravisth Mishra and Aurra Bhatnagar is slaying as Anirudh and Bondita. The duos acting are flawless and are equally fetching the limelight of the show. Anirudh and Bondita in the same frame are engaging.

  • Gripping storyline:

The shows plot is gripping. The track in the show is far from regular drama. There was the scene in the show where Bondita mistook Sampoorna and Saurabh’s romance. She though Saurabh was harsh at Sampoorna and complaints about him to Anirudh. She asks him to scold Saurabh for his behavior.

Anirudh learns that Saurabh was romancing to Sampoorna. He then decides to make Bondita teach about good touch and bad touch. The way he with an example made Bondita differentiate between good touch and bad touch was appreciating. These simple yet powerful scenes in Barrister Babu are making the show watch worthy for all age group. And this is the reason show is fetching good TRP each week.

So these are the top reasons why you should watch Barrister Babu!

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