Tragedy to strike Akshara post Abhinav goes missing| Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Abhir will demand Akshara to take him back to Kasauli. Abhimanyu will be manipulated by Manjiri that Akshara took away Abhir deliberately. Abhimanyu will fume in anger.

In today’s episode, Manish, Abhinav, Suhasini pampers Abhir. They say to Abhir that he can demand anything. Akshara asks Abhir what he wants. Abhir makes a wish to go to Kasauli. Manish says to Abhir that his wish is their command. Akshara and Abhinav sit stunned. Manish and Kairav plans the trip. Abhinav says to Akshara that they should take Abhimanyu’s permission before taking Abhir to Kasauli. Akshara agrees.

Manjiri talks to the lawyer about the custody date. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri to not talk about custody as Abhir is not good. Shefali and Arohi get happy. Manish asks Akshara what is bothering her. Akshara says court date is near thus how they can go. Goenkas receives the legal notice. Akshara gets glad learning Abhimanyu has hold the case. She think Abhimanyu has realised Abhir is comfortable with them. Abhinav says Abhimanyu already won by saving Abhir. Manish agrees. Kairav says he can’t believe Abhimanyu can make a sense. Manish says Abhimanyu’s love and anger both are extreme. He further asks Akshara to get ready to go to Kasauli.

Abhinav decide to inform Abhimanyu.

In the upcoming episode, Abhinav and Akshara will take Arohi’s permission to take Abhir to the Kasauli. Manjiri will trick Abhimanyu and will convince the Akshara took Abhir away from him. Abhimanyu will demand Akshara to return. Will Akshara return back to Udaipur or Abhimanyu will go to Kasauli? Stay tuned to know what next will happen in your favourite daily