Trinayani 11th June 2021 Written Update: Nayani signs the deal

Trinayani 11th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nayani entering the conference and telling Vishal that she brought the lunch. She asks him whether he will eat it in banana leaf. Everyone starts laughing at her which confuses her. She asks them why they are laughing to which Thilottama shouts at her that there is important meeting going on and asks her to leave. Sweety intentionally asks them as to who is she to which Lalitha Devi tells her that she is Vishal’s Wife. Sweety asks her whether she is joking and says that she thought of her as a servant. Sweety tells Nayani to leave the conference room as there is an important meeting going on and they are on the verge of selling the company. Vishal gets furious hearing her, Nayani is about to leave even though Vishal wants to stop her he can’t. Nayani stops and tells Vishal not to sell the company and asks him to find out where the loss came from. She is about to leave but Lalitha Devi stops her and asks her whether she has an idea to which she says she is not in a palce where she can suggest them but she has an idea. Lalitha Devi asks her to tell her Idea. Nayani tells her that she will serve them food and while eating she will tell her Idea. A Director opposes but Vishal asks him to eat.

Nayani starts serving everyone but Jasmine tells her that she don’t want to eat to which Lalitha Devi tells her that if she is here then she has to eat with them no matter what. Sweety asks her to eat and Nayani serves her too. Nayani serves everyone and starts telling her idea. Nayani tells her that the curries on the Banana leaf is the amount they are spending and it is also refers to the persons who are keeping the money in the company. She asks them to eat. Two directors praise her among themselves. She tells them that the rice they have on their plate are their workers who work with pure heart. And just like how the curries come back to rice, just line that the profit should come back to the workers.

Everyone smile at that while Vishal is feeling proud of her. She serves sambar to one member and tells them that just like everyone wants sambar in the same way the customers should want their food and for that they should sell the item for the amount taht will be cheap for the customers and also brings profit for them. She serves curd to Thilottama and says for taste we add salt and using it we will add a slogan you ate our salt and you are our family member. Everyone appreciate her and clap for her. Sweety asks wouldn’t it bring losses to which Nayani says instead of ten twenty five members will buy it hence they will start getting profits in second month. Everyone agree. Vishal is the proudest one including Lalitha Devi.

Lalitha Devi makes her sit on the chairman seat and asks her to sign the deal as the chairman. Nayani looks at Vishal who nods at her and she signs the deal making Vishal proud. The Screen Freezes On Nayani’s Face.