Trinayani 1st June 2021 Written Update: Vishal is disappointed as the memory card needs finger authentication

Trinayani 1st June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vishal calling a person named Venky and asking him to come home to help him with the memory card. Gangayya asks him as to who is the person to which Vishal replies it is his technician and with his help, he will be able to open the memory card. Parsu and Thilottama are getting scared with each passing second.

They all are sitting in the hall waiting for the technician to come. A Man comes there calling for Vishal. Vishal tells him about the memory card and asks him to unlock it. The man sitting on the sofa, tries to open the memory card but not able to. When he searches for the reason. It shows finger authentication needed. Vishal gets disappointed while Parsu and Thilottama feels happy. Man leaves from there. Thilottama says it’s okay to Vishal and later says in her mind that he won’t be able to do anything to her. Durandhara asks Hasini to bring the cake so that they can atleast enjoy the cake. Everyone leaves from there.

In the room Thilottama and Parsu are laughing holding their stomachs. Thilottama says to parsu that it’s been long that they have laughed this much. Parsu agrees. Thilottama says that Gayathri thought to punish them when she got to know about their intentions but they have successfully killed her before she does that. Thilottama says they have successfully trapped Gangadhar blackmailing him by making Virat bhalla as scape goat. Thilottama says now Gangadhar has become old so he may not be having any fear. She says they should make everything that is on Nayani’s name to theirs. Parsu says they should kill both Vishal and Nayani. Thilottama agrees.

Vishal is standing infront of Gayathri’s Photo with sad face. Nayani comes there and consoles him giving him milk. He asks her for sleeping pills. She asks him to search for a way to open the chip and not give up as said by Gayathri. Vishal starts thinking.

Sumana is in the Garden praying to Goddess Tulasi. But her concentration is solely on bulli bava who is exercising there. She is keeping on making rounds staring at him but he is not noticing her. Shiva The Parrot comes there and wonders about her behaviour but he after seeing bulli bava gets the reason for her behaviour. He asks her about it and trolls her for her lustful gaze towards bulli bava. She shushes him. Shiva The Parrot calls bulli who is exercising and tells him that Sumana’s gaze is very bad and he may end up diagnosing with tuberculosis. Bulli gets scared. Shiva and Sumana again argue. The Screen Freezes On Sumana’s Irritated Face.