Trinayani: Gangadhar decides to Kill Thilottama

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Zee Telugu’s famous show Trinayani is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s interesting storyline and twists. The lead couple Vishal and Nayani are loved by the audience. In Yesterday’s episode We saw Nayani defeating Jasmine in the game making her furious. Thilottama calls the Priest and fixes a Nuptial Night for Vishal and Nayani.

In today’s episode we will get to see Thilottama asking the Pandit to fix an auspicious date. Pandit says they have to wait for one month. Thilottama asks him about the ceremony that needs to be done for the building. Jagdish says Nayani will do it. Thilottama in her room tells Jasmine her plan to kill Nayani as she questioned her. Jasmine says what if sumana calls her villagers after her sister’s death to which Thilottama says she has planned for that too. Thilottama gives sumana a knee length dress and asks her to wear it. Sumana wears and shows her dress to Nayani who slaps her for wearing that dress. Later Nayani keeps the suitcase that Vishal gave her near Gayathri Devi’s photo. Parsu sees it.

In the upcoming episodes we will get to see Gangadhar saying that Thilottama won’t be pitied hence he will kill her. Gangadhar deciding to kill her, removes his attire and goes in Thilottama’s room. He seeing her sleep peacefully says that she has killed the Goddess of the family and now became the owner. He lifts the knife to stab her.

How will Nayani save herself? Will Gangadhar succeed in killing Thilottama?

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