Trinayani: Hasini pours the tea on Jasmine’s fiancee

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Trinayani is a Zee Telugu’s show and is popular for its unique storyline. The story revolves around Nayani and her husband Vishal. Trinayani can see the future and she helps everyone whom she finds in a trouble. She then meets her husband Vishal whom she gets married to and he doesn’t like her. Gayathri Devi Vishal’s Mother’s spirit visits Nayani and guides her in saving Vishal. Later Vishal falls in love with Nayani and now Thilottama is trying to know about Nayani’s talent so that she can be careful.

In the earlier episodes we saw Nayani looking at a doll in her hands and wishing for a daughter. She gets a vision of Vishal tying Mangalsutra to Jasmine and gets shocked. She gets tears in her eyes and panics saying why Vishal is Marrying Jasmine. Thilottama announces that she is getting Jasmine married to someone she has chosen for her. Jasmine also agrees to it. Hasini makes her ready for the engagement ceremony. Nayani is worried thinking about her vision. Hasini looks at Jasmine’s fiancee amd gets doubtful. She later shares her doubt with Nayani about him being a thief and tells her about the tattoo.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Hasini giving tea to Jasmine’s fiancee. She intentionally pours tea on him and folds the sleeves of his shirt. She thinks that she will be sure that he is the thief if she sees his tattoo. She keeps on folding his sleeve up. He gets shocked seeing his tattoo almost visible and looks at Hasini.

What will happen? Will Thilottama’s plan gets successful? How will Nayani stop the Marriage? Will Hasini get the glimpse of his tattoo?

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