Trinayani: Nayani calls Vishal a child for her

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Zee Telugu’s famous show Trinayani is all set to engage its audience with it’s interesting storyline and twists. The lead couple Vishal and Nayani are loved by the audience. In Yesterday’s episode, We saw Gangadhar somehow escaping from the room without Thilottama getting to know about it. Latrr they go to the Temple for Bonalu where Jasmine keeps glass pieces under the rose petals on the red line where Nayani will walk and gets hurt. Hasini wonders as to who drew the lines with colours. Durandhara asks Jasmine to select the colour she wants to walk. She selects green. Hasini asks Nayani to decide first to which she choses Red line which is similar in colour to her vermilion. Thilottama asks Nayani to do the ritual and walk on the red line. Hasini asks Sumana to walk on the green line.

In today’s episode we will get to see Thilottama asking them to walk on the line after praying to the Goddess. They do ask she asked and wish but Jasmine wishes for Nayani to get hurt. Nayani walks on the line but misses the glass pieces two times. She then steps on the pieces few times which makes her bleed bad. Vishal sees her bleeding. Hasini asks to help but Nayani denies to keep the Bonam down. Vishal completes the Bonam by lifting her in his arms with the bonam in her hand. Hasini from Jasmine and Durandhara’s conversation comes to know their plan and decides to punish them. Hasini acts like she has got possessed by the Goddess. Durandhara says that she is not has but Goddess when Jasmine complaints to her that she is beating her with the whip. Hasini says that now she wants to punish her for her crimes chases her while Jasmine runs away to save herself. Vishal asks Hasini to stop to which Nayani says that she is not Hasini but Goddess. They watch Hasini chasing Jasmine to beat her. Thilottama takes Jasmine away.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Nayani applying Kala Tika on Vishal’s forehead. He asks her about it to which she says that a Wife always looks at her husband like he is a baby and to keep him away from the bad eye, a mother applies it on his forehead. Vishal asks whether he is kid for her to which she says he is a kid in her eyes. Vishal says that she is a kid in his eyes. Nayani asks him to apply it on her forehead on he hugs her to his heart.

Is Hasini really Possessed? What will be Thilottama’s next plan to hurt Nayani?

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