Trinayani: Vishal tells Nayani that he can’t bear a scratch on her

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Zee Telugu’s famous show Trinayani is all set to engage its audience with its interesting storyline and twists. The lead couple Vishal and Nayani are loved by the audience. In Yesterday’s episode, We saw Nayani bringing the suitcase to the family. They praise her for bringing it with her try. Later they leave for the ceremony where a security guard opening the door for Nayani to get down from the car. Jasmine, Thilottama and Parsu get down from their car. Jasmine says that Nayani is getting treated Royally while they are getting treated like they are here for snacks. Thilottama looks upwards. Parsu asks her why she is staring upside when they are humiliated by the way they are being treated. She says that they are not seeing it. They see upside to see a man showing thumbs up to Thilottama. Parsu asks her about it. She tells him her plan of killing her. A bag filled with stones is hung by the balcony while Nayani is busy. Then Nayani does the Pooja.

In today’s episode, we will get to see that they ask Nayani to cut the ribbon. But she asks Thilottama and Parsu to cut the ribbon which they deny. She agrees and is near the ribbon cutting it. The rowdy leaves the stone bag on Nayani. The bag comes down over her head. But before it touches her the bag is stopped in the middle while Nayani calmly cuts the ribbon. Vishal is the one holding the thread. He beats up the rowdy who manages to escape. Later he tells everyone that someone has tried to kill Nayani shocking everyone. He tells them that he has the phone of the rowdy.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Jasmine telling her friend that the plan failed and the rascal is caught. Vishal tells Nayani that he can’t bear a scratch on her and can’t live without her. Jasmine asks her to keep her phone switched off and never on it again after appreciating her for keeping the phone switched off. Nayani tells Vishal that she has asked him to keep his eyes closed to not see the fear. He is about to say something but she stops him and asks him to relax.

Will Vishal come to know about their plan? How will he catch the actual culprit.

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