True Talent never dies- Pratiksha Honmukhe

By Anil Merani: Talent never dies out. It always finds its way despite all types of difficulties. This can be said to describe the casting of   Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai ‘s Pratiksha Honmukhe in Zee TV’s Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye. She will play the parallel lead opposite #Arjit Taneja.

Pratiksha and rumoured boyfriend Shehzada Dhami’s name had been raked in mud after YRKKH makers announced their sacking from the show due to misconduct.

Many people felt that such lousy press could be equivalent to the death knell for the duo’s TV career, as DKP is a known powerhouse in the TV production scene.

The circumstances surrounding the alleged misconduct remain shrouded in mystery, adding a layer of intrigue to Pratiksha’s return. It appears that Pratiksha may have been influenced by Shehzada, but the full story is yet to be revealed.

So, what marked her return? If you are talented, a lot is forgiven, and Pratiksha might have clearly expressed her intent to go by the book this time. A few lines also might have been added to the contract to ensure she adheres to the norms

 Also, she might have agreed to work at a lower Per Day. Sometimes you are ready to compromise due to the bottom line.

  Pratiksha’s return is not just a personal triumph, but also a potential game-changer for the show. Her presence is sure to pique the interest of fans, who are eager to see how her character will shape the storyline. This additional publicity is a boon for the show.

 Last but not least, one story can’t end an artist’s career. A good artist is always given   a second chance, but then you need to make the most of it

After Pratiskha, everybody’s attention was on Shehzada’s return, as he was the main accused as far as DKP went. We guess he, too, will soon return, and the above terms and conditions might reapply.