Tujhse Hai Raabta 10th February 2020 Written Update: Sampada gets strucked in Malhar trap, Atharva saves Swara from Ranchit

Episode starts with Kalyani places her books Infront of Saraswati maa and prays for Moksh health and Malhar listens to her prayers. Kalyani says I want to reply Malhar proposal in Special way so please help me and give idea to make my proposal unique. Malhar throws money from plate to Kalyani lap and she feels happy seeing 21rupees as a sign and thinks what I can make with 21. Malhar says think Kalyani what can you make. Kalyani says I got it and leaves.

Swara reaches to temple and searches for Shyam asks him to come out but Ranchit makes her unconscious and asks Pandit to get ready for marriage. Kalyani says Sampada will agree for IVF and you will be fine very soon Pillu and Saraswati maa gave me best idea to propose Malhar also. Malhar comes to room and Kalyani asks him to take rest. Malhar thinks finally Kalyani is thinking ways to get close to me. Kalyani closes door and sits beside Malhar on bed and tries to kiss him but it’s turned to be Malhar dream. Kalyani comes to him and asks what happened. Malhar says I just felt you. Kalyani says are you dreaming. Malhar says no and goes. Kalyani says I’m praying Infront of Saraswati maa and she throws 21 rs and so she wants me to gift with that money. Malhar says nothing will happen I thought 21 kisses but this Kalyani.

Ranchit ties Swara and makes Swara sit with him in mandap saying I will ruin Malhar life and that’s my main motive and sorry for calling you in Radhe name. Pawar says these are the fake press team. Malhar says I will tell you what questions you have to asks than reporters says ok. Malhar thinks Sampada will come and struck in my plan. Ranchit asks Sampada to kill Atharva going to Malhar house so that time I will marry Swara.

At Saraswati pooja, Madhav asks where are Anupriya,Sarthak and Atharva. Kalyani says they went to buy books NdvSartgak Kaka messaged me to start the pooja. Madhav starts the pooja. Kalyani says I’m smart to answer instantly. Malhar says I agree but sometimes you behave like bewakoof. Kalyani gets call from Anupriya saying we will stay at temple until you asked us to come. Atharva goes saying I have to pee. Kalyani informs this matter to Malhar.

Malhar gets some message and shocked. At temple Atharva goes to Ranchit and and asks uncle why are you forcing swara. Seeing him Ranchit thinks Atharva didn’t regain his memory and it’s just Malhar plan to caught Sampada, I have to inform this matter to Sampada. Atharva removes their Gathbandan and throws Ranchit saying she don’t wants to marry you. Ranchit losts his consciousness.

Sampada enters to Atharva room in reporter avatar and she tries to inject but she gets shocked seeing Sarthak in place of Atharva and holds her hand and takes injection from her. Kalyani and Malhar enters the room and Sampada gets shocked.