Tujhse Hai Raabta 10th May 2021 Written Update: Someone shoots Sunitha

Tujhse Hai Raabta 10th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Malhar standing infront of the Police Station and asking Anupriya on Phone to come soon with Kalyani’s bail. Malhar cuts the call and waits for her, a constable tells him that Meenakshi still haven’t come. Malhar says that he came later than them but still they haven’t reached. Another constable comes there and tells them that Meenakshi is attacked and Kalyani is kidnapped. Malhar gets shocked. He comes back home and remembers Kalyani’s words that were in Tamil. He Googles it and comes to know that she said that the Map to the drugs is in her room. He decides to check her room.

On the other side Kalyani is tied to the chair. She shouts at them to free her.

Scene shifts to Malhar who got the Map finally in her room. He sees the Map but Param comes there and snatches it saying this is not for him and leaves from there locking Malhar inside the room.

Scene shifts to kalyani, she sees Sunitha approaching her and says with disgust that no one can ever believe that such an innocent face can be soo vicious. Sunitha praises herself then slaps her asking her to tell about the drugs but she denies. She points knife at her but still Kalyani denies saying that she needs drugs hence she won’t Kill her. Sunitha gets a call who threatens her. She takes the knife again and tells her that she will Kill her Son to which she gets scared and tells her about the drugs.

Param reaches the place where the drugs are and sees them in the well. He drags the rope and sees a box. He opens it and sees drugs packets in it. Malhar comes there and tries to take the drugs to save his Wife, Param didn’t let him hence they get into a fight. He points gun at param but Kalyani shouts at him to stop. He stops as Kalyani tells him that Param I officer Abhimanyu. She tackles Sunitha and the both men tackles her Men. Param arrests her. He threatens to encounter her hence she tells him the truth of Parmarth’s Death.

Kalyani apologises to Malhar and hugs him. They both share a romantic moment as he adores his Wife. They suddenly hear a gun sound and see Sunitha is shot. They Panic as she is the only witness of Kalyani’s innocence. They decides to take her to the hospital as her Life is important now. On the other side Meenakshi walks into a room with a gun in one hand while her otehr hand is bleeding. She talks to herself that now Sunitha is over and Kalyani won’t be spared as no one will be able to save her. She says that Kalyani tried lot to know about the drug peddler but her efforts got waste. When Parmarth himself was not able to trace her then Kalyani is nothing. The Screen Freezes On Meenakshi’s Smirking Face.

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