Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th August 2020 Written Update: Kalyani gets shattered seeing Moksh lose his life in blast

Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Malhar asks Kalyani to caught Trilok. Kalyani thinks to use Aaosaheb advice to use Milk to keep snakes going away from Malhar. Kalyani runs out and gets milk pot and places near the godown and plays Naagin music taking cell from Malhar. Snakes attracts towards milk leaving Malhar than Kalyani hugs Malhar and both runs out. Malhar asks Kalyani to reach home to take care of Sarthak and leaves. Kalyani reminsces about Trilok demand.

Malhar gets to know from their team that Madhav met with accident because of Nal. Otherside at hospital Nal asks Aaosaheb to save him from Malhar because his dad is hurt and I just tried to save Moksh from Trilok. Aaosaheb consoles him. Malhar says Aaosaheb. She says Nal didn’t do anything on purpose. Malhar says he knows it and informs her that Madhav is out of danger and says Nal must to leave with Pawar to police station for some time. Nal cries saying he won’t go. Malhar says it’s just to take his statement and nothing will happen to him. Aaosaheb says Nal is my heir and he won’t go to Police station. Malhar says he can’t change rules for his family. Aaosaheb stops them asks Nal to run. Malhar and Pawar follows him while escaping from them Nal collides with truck. Aaosaheb gets shocked, Malhar admits him to hospital and asks Pawar to make Nal get proper treatment and leaves to search Moksh.

Kalyani begs Divya to help her to save their Moksh. Malhar comes to them and says what’s the guarantee that Trilok will handover Moksh to us if we give him Divya. Kalyani breaksdown saying I’m worried for Moksh and he needs me. Divya says she is ready to take risk and asks Malhar to place audio recorder on her to hear what’s happening. Malhar says Kalyani we both have to finish the plan.

Doctor informs to Aaosaheb that Nal is no more. Aaosaheb breaksdown thinking Malhar is the one who ended Deshmukh parivar growth to take revenge on her and she says she can never forgive him.

Kalyani reaches to Hanuman tekde with Divya. Kalyani notices phone near the place and attends it and asks Trilok to handle Moksh to her. Trilok says I will give him but tell Divya to sit in the car near you  than you will know Moksh location. Malhar says Divya won’t go anywhere because she is police custody. Kalyani says it’s life issue of ourMoksh. Malhar signs her than it’s revealed how they plans to hurt to Malhar so Trilok can come out from his hiding.

Malhar aims gun at Divya saying won’t go anywhere and he asks Kalyani to beat him. Kalyani gets the stone to beat him. Divya goes inside the car and shouts saying Moksh. Kalyani says Moksh is inside Malhar, when they about to reach near the car than it explodes and Divya, Moksh lose their life. Kalyani blames Malhar is the reason for Moksh death and cries badly. Malhar tries to explain saying nothing will happen to Moksh but she won’t listen and shouts at him saying you killed our son, in this rattle Malhar shoots her and than she fell down from hill and Malhar gets shocked.