Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th February 2020 Written Update: Anupriya shoots Ranchit to save Swara from Acid attack

Episode starts with Sampada shouts on Kalyani saying I won’t let you win and Ranchit will release me. Kalyani ties Sampada mouth and puts headphones with loud volume. Pallavi praises her idea. Kalyani leaves to outside asking Pallavi to keep eye on Sampada. Anupriya asks what happened and why you married. Atharva says it’s Swara idea. Swara explains how Ranchit fooled and tried to marry her. When they about to leave Atharva takes gun from Ranchit and leaves from back of the temple. Goons caught them but Swara and Anupriya beats and escape from them.

Kalyani arranges room with their pics for proposal and dreams about their future how they behave in old age when she confesses her love to Malhar. Kalyani comes out of dream and thinks to confess her love to Malhar today itself after he arrests the Ranchit. Sarthak sees her arrangements of pics and asks why your pic is looking old. Kalyani says I changed my appearance using some app. Sarthak asks Kalyani about Anupriya.

Ranchit follows Anupriya, Atharva and Swara in car. Anupriya asks Swara and Atharva to run but Ranchit comes out from car and says you escaped from marriage but my current act will make Malhar feel pain when he saw your face. Ranchit takes out Acid and tries to attack her. Anupriya pleads him to stop. Atharva gives gun to Anupriya and asks her to shoot Ranchit. Anupriya warns him but he asks her to shoot and throws her.

Malhar on his way. Ranchit is about to throw acid on Swara when Anupriya shoots Ranchit and he breakdown dropping acid. Malhar comes there and is shocked.

Kalyani says you feel pain right than think about how much pain my Moksh is feeling and he can’t even tell to others and only his sister or Brother can be useful for Bone marrow and that’s why we want another kid so agree for IVF otherwise we torture you. Sampada says you can’t blackmail me emotionally and Ranchit will take me from here and you can’t stop us. Aaosaheb sees gun with Anupriya and Ranchit fell down from hillside. Malhar calls Pawar and asks him to bring team with him to the forwarded location.