Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th February 2021 Written Update: Tomy escapes from Avni men

Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Moksh asks where is Anarkali. Kalyani says don’t know, how can she go without informing. Avni says let’s send Moksh to somewhere than these people concentrate on Moksh matter and can’t complete their order, how’s my plan. Sarthak says it’s worst plan, Moksh is Malhar’s son and he won’t go anywhere and don’t plan anything in this way. Shera listens their convo and thinks whom might Avni Kidnapped. Avni thinks she won’t let them finish work.

Workers can’t work because of power cut at their work place. Avni smiles. Kalyani and Anupriya asks Godavari to get candles. Ladies starts their work in candle light. Shera goes to Avni room asking Moksh to manage. Avni enters inside. Moksh hits her with ball and makes her busy. Shera notices photo album and founds previous persons are relatives of Avni. Men asks 2nd one to inform Avni that they are going in van because they missed the train. Tomy gains conscious and thinks how these men Kidnapped him. Avni drops her letter because of Anarkali. Shera thinks from where she get letter.

Power goes off in house. Anupriya and Kalyani enters inside with candles, Kalyani burns Avni chunri and gifts her Saree made by them. Anupriya tells to Avni that they finished the order 24hours before the delivery time.

Next day Anupriya and Kalyani sends sarees in truck happily. Once truck left another person enters with truck saying he came to take Patil order. Kalyani says order is already delivered. Driver says he is the man they need to deliver. Avni smiles seeing them thinking they can’t finish order. Kalyani questions Avni. Anupriya holds Avni throat and Avni records it. Avni says you don’t have any proofs against me but I have proof against your Aayi and can send her to jail. Kalyani says she won’t get scared with her threats.

Shera calls Mahesh and informs him that Avni brother too Tomy with them. Avni brothers drink tea than Tomy takes key and runs from them to tell Shera about location of the Kidnapped person.

Kalyani goes to station and complaint for their sarees but inspector won’t take it seriously. Shera listens everything and tells to his men to find the sarees. Patil says Sarthak is correct you guys are fraud. Aaosaheb says we are not servants so don’t blame us. Anupriya says we finished your work but that tempo is missing. Avni says these people are lying. Patil says I won’t leave you and he asks Sarthak to read contract. Sarthak says if you can’t handover sarees before 3 than their will be auction for your Nal emporium. Aaosaheb gets shocked.

Godavari says this inspector can’t help us. Avni calls to inspector and informs him that Kalyani and Godavari came for Sting operation with camera. Inspector founds camera in her bag and asks Contestable to throw Kalyani and Godavari out. Anarkali saves them.

Tomy escapes from Avni men holding van( which had sarees) Sarthak breaks pot and says they can’t win the challenge. Moksh asks Anupriya if they separates him from his Aifi. Avni says you guys gonna lose NAL emporium in one hour because you can’t get sarees. Patil comes to home. Anupriya says their is one hour left and she prays Bappa to make them win the challenge.

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