Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th January 2021 Written Update: Kalyani proves Shera innocence and reveals Avni defamation plan

Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Avni men caught Kalyani and tries to stab her but Shera stops them on time and reminsces how he gets escaped making Sarthak unconscious to save Kalyani. Goons says you must be in jail right. Shera beats them and tells to Kalyani that he is innocent and asks to give him revolver. Goons runs from that place hearing revolver.

Shera asks Kalyani to trust him. Kalyani says why to trust you than Sarthak and police reaches to their place and she tells that she called them. Sarthak asks Pawar to arrest him. Pawar asks how to arrest Malhar sir. Sarthak says collect his finger prints than you will know he is Imposter and this time Kalyani can’t save him.

Kalyani makes Sarthak fell down and pours some drops liquid in his eyes. Sarthak shouts because he can’t open his eyes than he asks what she did and asks Pawar to stop her. Kalyani says don’t worry uncle, Doctor is here. Sarthak asks Doctor to check him. He checks and asks what she did. Kalyani gives him drops. Doctor says nothing will happen to eyes but this effect will be upto 5hours. Kalyani says last night by mistake Moksh applied this drops to Malhar when he felt burning sensation in his eyes. He felt more pain and he couldn’t see anything.

Kalyani says i noticed Malhar have problem with his eyes since morning than I asked Moksh what happened and got to know it and it means last night Malhar ji couldn’t see anything. Shera says last night I drank water Nd don’t know what happened after that moment and I don’t even know who gave that water to me. Kalyani says it’s Avni who tried to defame Malhar name using his situation. Sarthak asks why will Avni do it.

Kalyani says Avni deserves the punishment that’s why I take her to station to Complaint against her and I can never trust Avni over Malhar. Sarthak asks what about voice recorder proof. Pawar says it’s some dubbing artist voice. Sarthak says Kalyani is trying to blame Avni for this imposter. Kalyani says Avni kind of lady deserves punishment and she asks Doctor to take Sarthak to hospital and tells to Sarthak that Shera is her Malhar. Sarthak says he won’t believe this imposter. Kalyani takes Shera inside.

Aaosaheb gets to know Avni is trapped in police station. Moksh dances seeing her situation and teases her showing bomb.

On the way Shera drives car while seeing Kalyani and thanks her for trusting him. Kalyani says she won’t trust him but knows this time he is not at mistake and she asks him to drive properly than she calls Godavari and gets to know Moksh is practicing his words and Avni locked herself in room and Sarthak uncle is fine.

Kalyani asks her to take care of Moksh than she sees the kite fell on the car. Shera says Sankranthi is near. Kalyani remembers her past moments with Malhar and vehicles gets stopped because of puncture. Kalyani tries to change tyre, Shera dreams that he is romancing with her. Shera offers to help but Kalyani denies than Shera apologies to her and helps her to change the tyre. Kalyani drives the car to address given by Pawar but their people celebrates Lori.

Kalyani thinks about how Birju gave this place address for Vittal murti. Shera says let be friends with these people to know about Vittal murti. Kalyani agrees. Shera asks those men if they can celebrate Lori with them because their vehicle gave them problem. They says ok. Kalyani and Shera joins their dance and acts like lovely couple.lady asks him to tell his love story. Shera says how he met Kalyani.

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