Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th July 2021 Written Update : Anupriya denies saying the truth

Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Malhar entering the room and seeing the cupboard empty. Malhar says that Anupriya has escaped knowing they will come. Kalyani says that her mother can never do anything wrong. Kalyani says that she is ready to keep her relationship at stake to prove Anupriya right. Malhar looks at her shocked. Kalyani leaves from there and Malhar calls someone and tells them that he will send a picture and asks to search for the person.

Kalyani sees him talking and running to him snatches his phone. She asks him as to how can he do such a thing and treat her Mother like a criminal to which he says that she is now a prime suspect and he can’t ignore his responsibilities and asks for his phone but Kalyani denies and walks backwards because of which she dashes with a pile of sarees and the sarees fell down. There she sees a paper, she reads the word and then eats the paper not letting him know the word.

Malhar investigates the person who is the manager of jagadambe sahe. The man says that he don’t know but Malhar threatens him and he says that he can give a scetch. Malhar calls a scetch maker and the man tells him the features and Malhar seeing the sketch beats the manager as it is a woman to which he says that Jagadambe sahe is actually a woman. Malhar gets a call from Kalyani as she got the word that she saw on paper and it’s nothing but kill Anu and she tells him the same on the call.

Malhar and Kalyani search for Anupriya. On the other side Anupriya with a bag comes into a secluded place. There comes to Indhu. Anupriya saus that she took her help in building NGO named Tujhe Hai Raabta as she don’t want to interfere in Kalyani’s family life. Indhu says that Malhar got to know that Jagadambe sahe is a woman and Anupriya getting confused asks her aw to how do she know. Indhu pointing gun saya she is the one and Malhar seized all her money. Kalyani and Malhar comes inside to see Anupriya holding gun.

Anupriya is sitting silently in hall while everyone is asking her questions. Anupriya for Godavari decides to stay silent. Malhar drags Anupriya with him saying she is prime suspect and didn’t stop when everyone stops him. Aausaheb begs him and then shouts at Anupriya for taking such a step.

Kalyani supports Anupriya and shouts at Aausaheb. Anupriya shouts at Kalyani and says that she didn’t know her, she asls Malhar to arrest her after Godavari’s Marriage. Kalyani says that she don’t know why she is doing this but she knows her mother never does such a thing. She will prove Anupriya. The Screen Freezes..

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