Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th June 2021 Written Update: Kalyani slaps Moksh

Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Kalyani asks Anupriya to sleep as it is time and she refused to eat. Kalyani makes her sleep and leaves from there promising to come back again.

Kalyani goes into her room and checks the dress Malhar gave her. She thinks that tonight is going to be special for them and shies.

Anupriya gets up from her sleep and calls out for Kalyani but not finding her there, she panics and goes to search her. While searching, she goes to moksh and gungun and asks them for kalyani. Gungun offers to take her to kalyani but Anupriya asks them about the game they are playing and wishes to play. But they refuse her as it is chess and only two people can play the game. Later they decide to play another game for Anupriya as they don’t want her to be sad. They start playing the game where a person says the word and another acts according. Moksh gives a word to gungun who sneezes.

Anupriya understands the game but before she gives a word. Moksh wants to go toilet and he is scared hence he takes gungun with him. In the meantime asawari comes to Anupriya and gives her a word and leaves from there. Both the kids come back and Anupriya gives the word to moksh. Moksh goes silent hearing the word and both of them start teasing him hence he says the word Mental and gets slapped by Kalyani. She shouts at him but Anupriya tells him that she told him the word. She asks her who taught her that, she points at asawari who is standing behind Malhar but asawri leaves from there and the blame goes on Malhar.

Kalyani misunderstands him because of his previous words and starts slapping herself. Malhar stops her and takes her with him after asking moksh, gungun and anupriya to sleep. Aswari comes to them and tells them that such fights are not good between husband and wife. She gives a plan to moksh and gungun who decides to patch them up.

Malhar and Kalyani is sitting on a bench watching Moon. Kalyani apologises to him. They wonder about how Anupriya learnt the word and later they get doubt on asawari as she is only one who don’t want them to be happy.

Asawari threatens Anupriya that if she says about her to anyone then she will send her to the hospital and asks her to do what she wants. Anupriya gets scared.

Malhar and Kalyani goes to their room and gets shocked seeing the decoration. Gungun and Moksh asks them to stay outside. They tell her that asawari asked them to do that. Still Kalyani and Malhar don’t trust her. Later they let Kalyani enter inside asking Malhar to stay outside. They ask her to change her dress and leaves from there. Someone knocks on her door again and Kalyani opens it but stands shocked. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani’s Face.

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