Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th February 2020 Written Update: Sampada agrees for IVF ,Swara accepts Atharva as her husband against her family

Episode starts with Kalyani checks things in lockup. Malhar reaches to police station and asks what’s Kalyani doing in cell. Rao says Kalyani came to station saying she kidnapped Sampada showing proofs and Sarthak lodged fir. Malhar says I caught Sampada not Kalyani and he goes Kalyani and asks what’s all this. Kalyani says I won’t leave my Aayi alone.

Malhar says I’m praying to caught Ranchit alive so Aayi can escape from this case. Anupriya says You’re misunderstanding him Kalyani and he takes me to Commissioner to ask permission too, he is also trying to save me so don’t burden him more.

Kalyani comes out from jail and hugs Anupriya. Kalyani says you didn’t do anything wrong Aayi and I will save you. Anupriya asks Kalyani to leave home for Moksh.

Malhar asks Sampada to sign on IVF form or get ready for jail and he says Ranchit us no more. Sampada signs the paper. Kalyani feels happy thinking Moksh will get fine very soon. Kalyani asks Malhar to take statement against Ranchit. Malhar says it’s not easy and pray for Ranchit so we can save Aayi.

Madhav shouts on Swara for marrying Atharva. Malhar asks how Shaadi. Swara says Atharva married me to save from Ranchit and we are married. Malhar says Atharva is like kid. Madhav says that’s what I’m trying to say and she will get mad while staying with mad.

Swara declares Atharva is my husband. Madhav tries to slap her but Malhar stops him. Pallavi says someday my brother will get better and I will make Atharva Marty some good girl not this widow. Malhar stops her and he tries to make Swara understand but Swara is adamant. Kalyani asks Swara to think again.

Commissioner reaches Home and tells Malhar and Kalyani that a man saw Rachit’s body falling down in the water and says Anupriya is accused of his murder. All gets shocked. Kalyani shouts saying my Aayi is not murderer commissioner sir and how can you blame my Aayi. Malhar tries to stop her. Kalyani says I will see how you guys punish my Aayi and leaves.

At kitchen Aaosaheb blames Swara for Anupriya and Atharva condition and leaves. Swara gets some mms and she calls that number and questions who are you, why you blackmailing me with these pics and where you got these pics but phone gets disconnected. Swara thinks to die before someone see her pics.

Kalyani reaches to station and tries to take Anupriya with her. Anupriya tries to stops her but she won’t listen. Constable asks Kalyani to leave. Malhar reaches to station. Swara tries to burn herself leaking gas but gets interrupted by Atharva and he asks her for food and notices she is crying and asks whether you’re sad because I can’t be a good husband.

Swara hugs him and says you’re good husband. Atharva sings Sajna and asks her. Malhar says it’s not our house. Anupriya says I don’t want to escape from my crime. Sarthak enters saying you have to hide the truth.

Anupriya says I saved Swara and Kalyani killing that Ranchit and I’m ready for punishment. Sarthak leaves saying you care for everyone except your husband. Kalyani asks Anupriya to come with her. Malhar warns Kalyani leave before he throws her. Kalyani says I will leave now butbi will prove my Aayi innocence in court.