Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th July 2021 Written Update: Indhu Sarkar is arrested

Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Godavari holding Indhu’s hands who has brought her into the mandap. She asks her as to why she is wearing that kangan and asks her to remove it. Indhu removes her kangans. Kalyani sees this. Kalyani makes an excuse that Godavari’s saree is lose and asks her to come to the room so that she can set it. Godavari denies saying that it’s fine but Kalyani saying it will open up at the time of pheras takes her with her into a room. She closes the door and slaps Godavari. She asks her as to why she gave her kangan to indhu which she made as Anupriya’s. Godavari cries and tells her where indhu asks her to bring her jewelry if she wants to get married to her son. Godavari saus that she knows nothing more than that. Kalyani asks Godavari not to say about this to indhu. Aausaheb comes there and knocks on the door. Godavari goes with her. The marriage happens.

Sarthak comes there saying that someone has sent the gift box for Godavari. Anupriya comes there and calls her. Aausaheb asks her as to why did she come here to which she is hete to bless Godavari and blesses her. Anupriya gets a call from an unknown number. Malhar asks her to lift it. Anupriya hears jagdambe’s manager who is at gun point telling her that the amount is in the gift box which he sent as he stole it from police. Malhar says that she has been caught and asks to seize the money. Indhu holds Anupriya and point knife at herself abd asks them to let go the money or else she will kill her. Anupriya also points knife at her. The gift box is kept in the car bonnet and Indhu drives the car pretending like scared. She stops car at a secluded place and tells her that she has helped her alot. Indhu opens the bag to see stones and a paper in it. She opens it to read that we have come to know who is jagadambe sahe. She turns to see the family there. She points knife at anupriya but she slaps her and shouts at her as to how women are suffering because of woman like her. She tells about how she got trapped because she wanted to start a NGO. She hugs Kalyani who remembered about the paper. Indhu tries to escape but Malhar arrests her. Kalyani argues with Anupriya when she says she wants to leave leaving her for the family. Kalyani hurting herself shows her blood and touching it on Anupriya’s finger asks her to seperate it. They hug eachother.

Anupriya is in the kitchen says that today her dream is going to come true. She handles everyone in the family and goes to kitchen but Kalyani saying that it’s amalgamation of NGO day asks her to leave and works in the kitchen. Later the amalgamation starts and Anupriya gives the credit to Kalyani. They open the curtain to see Tujhse Hai Raabta written on it. Anupriya says that the name is given on the Raabta they share. The Screen Freezes..

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