Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th October 2019 Written Update: Kalyani apologises to Ashawari

Kalyani is checking the serial lights set for Diwali decoration. Atharva is with her. He takes the lights and wrapped around Kalyani’s body and runs away. Kalyani shouts Atharv to remove the lights. Malhar comes hearing her voice. He tries to help her to remove it but he too get entangled with the lights. Kalyani feels dizzy. Electricity goes off. The serial lights are on. Kalyani and Malhar get lost in each other eyes while a soft song plays in the background. They share some romantic moments. They come to reality when electricity comes back. Malhar takes her in his arms as she is feeling dizzy. He says that kaka fought with her and he says he will talk to her. Kalyani refuses and asks him not to interfere between bahu and saas. She says she does all these rituals to buy some time.

Malhar dad and mom beat his brother. Malhar asks what happen. They say he made a fake mark list. Kalyani says that means the address is also fake. She asks where they were living before. Malhar’s dad gets angry that Kalyani doubts her. Malhar mom says they were living in Daadi’s home . They never went to solapur. Kalyani says solapur address is seen in the receipt that Swara is talking about. Malhar’s mom says she trusts her but not them. She asks Kalyani and check the receipt. Kalyani says she is not meant that. Malhar’s dad gets angry and left saying that Malhar should have found a bahu who respects them. Kalyani stops her and says she trusts her. But she is not convinced. Kalyani says she considers her as her mother and asks to forgive her. Malhar asks to touches his wife feet to get her forgiveness. Kalyani touches her feet tough Malhar asks him not to do. Malhar says to Kalyani that he understands her. He takes her with him. Malhar father warns his son and asks to not post anything that will reveal that they are from Solapur. Malhar’s mom that she is worried about two things the handy cam and the fact that Anupriya wants to surrender herself.

Anupriya requests Kalyani does not want Kalyani spends her savings in her Rukhwath. Her prayers are enough. Kalyani says if she will do as she wish but she has to tell her the truth(why she accepted the marriage proposal). Kalyani and Malhar are in vada bhav stall. She sells vada bhav and asks people to make a video blessing her mom in return. She checks the videos and very happy. Two men comes asks to tike vada bhav like her. They touch intentionally her hand while taking vada bhav. Malhar warns them saying that she is his girlfriend and not to dare to flirt with her. They run away knowing he is ACP. Malhar asks to give him her favorite vada. He tastes and says it’s amazing. He says Swara too likes vada and he will take few for her. Kalyani asks him to bring Swara out. Anupriya and the lady see Kalyani. The lady asks Anupriya how she will say the truth to Kalyani.