Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th December 2020 Written Update: Malhar takes Kalyani from Swara mansion to keep her away from Mukku

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Episode starts with Kalyani asks Sarthak to tell ministry that she will resign her DM post because she always choose Mom position over DM and she sends minister Pa saying she will send them official resignation. Malhar tries to stop them but Kalyani stops him saying she won’t change her decision.

.Malhar asks why she is desperate to seperate Mukku and her Dad? You’re ready to leave your job for it, I won’t let you leave your job. Kalyani says she won’t leave this city for her Moksh and she wants to wait for him. Anupriya says you worked hard to get this position. Kalyani says I know I worked hard but I can’t bear the pain of staying away from my kid.

Mukku asks what’s resignation means. Sarthak says it’s elders matter so come with me I will give chocolate to you. Mukku asks if they stop Aifi to talk with her. Kalyani says nothing and asks Mukku to go with Sarthak. Malhar says I won’t let you near Mukku Kalyani and he leaves. Avni says end your dramas. Kalyani twist her hand and warns her to never insult her love for Mukku. Anupriya makes Kalyani leave Avni and takes Kalyani with her. Avni thinks to expose Kalyani very soon.

Anupriya takes Kalyani to outhouse and says that she is not happy with her resignation. Kalyani says I became Mom at 18 and I’m happy to become your daughter and Moksh mother, someone can become DM but no-one can become mom to Moksh and this is best decision. Anupriya blames herself saying it’s happening because of her decision to change Moksh to Mukku again. Kalyani says don’t blame yourself and hugs her happily, than both listens Malhar calling Kalyani and comes to hall.

Malhar asks Kalyani to check the things saying they are leaving from this house. Kalyani says she won’t leave anywhere and waits for her Moksh. Malhar asks where you live because Kaka won’t let you stay here. Mukku says Aifi will stay here and I won’t let her go anywhere. Malhar asks her to not involve in elders matters and he drags Kalyani with her.

Mukku asks them to cross the door from her body and sleeps near it. Sarthak tries to stop Mukku bit she won’t listen and goes near Door and she about to get hurt because of Nail in the door but Kalyani saves her placing the door. Avni blames Kalyani again for using Mukku. Sarthak about to drag Mukku with him.

Kalyani tells to Mukku that she is not going perminantly and she hugs Mukku and tells in her ear that it’s needed to win the game. Mukku agrees. Avni stitches chewing gum and banana peel to Mukku sandal. Kalyani makes Mukku wear it. Mukku says she won’t let her Aifi go from home and she fell from steps. Everyone gets worried.

Kalyani sends Anupriya to get Bandaid. Avni asks Kalyani to stay away from Mukku. Sarthak sees blood coming from Mukku leg and questions Malhar why his wife is behind his daughter life. Kalyani about to explain but Sarthak goes inside with Mukku. Malhar leaves with Kalyani to outhouse and warns Kalyani to never enter inside the house. Kalyani asks him to allow her once so she can cheque Mukku condition. Malhar says understand the fact Sarthak is her Dad so stay away from Mukku and this is your house.

Next day Kalyani asks Anupriya about Pillu condition. Anupriya says better but still had some pain. Kalyani gives her ointment. Anupriya asks Kalyani to go inside before Malhar caught them otherwise Malhar may punish you. Kalyani says I’m ready for punishment but what might Pillu felt seeing his Dad drags me and I feel it’s enough to hide this secret and I can’t see Moksh in pain so I will reveal truth to Malhar.

Malhar searches for Kalyani. Someone listens their convo. Anupriya asks Kalyani to rethink her decision. Malhar comes out and sees Kalyani standing alone and scolds her for coming out holding her hand. Kalyani says you said don’t go to house and I’m not doing it, I’m going to office to resign my position officially because I want to be good Mom. Anupriya goes to Mukku room and notices she is nowhere. Godavari Informs to Kalyani that Moksh is missing. Kalyani asks auto driver to take her home.

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