Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th January 2021 Written Update: Anupriya gets released from jail because of Sarthak confession letter

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Episode starts with Kalyani agrees to fly kite with Shera for Moksh happiness. Shera hand got cut because of the manja replaced by unknown men. Avni escapes from that place. Sarthak angrily reaches to home and search for Avni. Kalyani cleans Shera wound. Unknown men threatens Sarthak and makes him write letter. Shera feels happy with Kalyani care and they hears gun sound, Everyone goes inside and gets shocked seeing Sarthak surrounds in blood because of Bullet wound.

Shera says he can be fine because bullet touched shoulder part. Kalyani asks Godavari to call ambulance. Aaosaheb says why he commited suicide. Kalyani says Kaka can’t attempt suicide and than she notices the letter written by Sarthak saying he tried to kill Malhar not Anupriya because Malhar supported Kalyani against his wishes, Kalyani says it can’t be true.

At night Avni says glad Sarthak is not in conscious otherwise he may send me from home after knowing my truth. Aaosaheb asks didn’t she is the one who shot him. Avni says it can be suicide, why will I shoot him. Aaosaheb says they said it’s not suicide. Avni says she will run from home.

Aaosaheb stops her saying she have to help her to release Vivek from jail. Avni sees Godavari and asks how’s Sarthak condition. Godavari says Doctor said his right side will be paralysed and he may not speak. Avni acts like she is in pain Infront of Godavari and than tells to Aaosaheb that her run away plan from home is cancelled because Sarthak can’t do anything. Aaosaheb says don’t forget that you have to live with Anupriya because Kalyani will release Anupriya from jail with Sarthak note.

Shera and Kalyani brings Sarthak to home in wheel chair. Avni acts like she worried for him. Sarthak signs with left hand to keep her away. Kalyani says stay away because I know it’s you who hurted uncle because you know that he won’t forgive you after knowing the truth.

Avni says youre accusing me to get whole property but I won’t let it happen and will take care of my husband. Kalyani sats she didn’t let her stay near Sarthak and asks Avni to go out. Aaosaheb stops Kalyani saying Avni stay with her husband. Kalyani says one day Avni will cheat you Aaosaheb than you will know. Shera stops them seeing Si. Inspector says Malhar sir why didn’t you reveal what happened before itself. Kalyani intervenes saying it’s because of her Aayi kasam. Avni takes Sarthak inside.

Pawar drops Anupriya at home, Kalyani tries to talk with Anupriya but she goes Moksh and hugs him and assures he will get his voice back. Kalyani says you took blame on yourself to save Kaka but he committed suicide because of this guilt and he is paralysed and can’t speak. Anupriya runs to see Sarthak.

Shera asks Kalyani if Anupriya knows about Sarthak marriage with Avni. Anupriya about to hold Sarthak but Avni comes in her wedding dress and tells to Anupriya that Sarthak married her. Anupriya gets shocked and goes out in tears. Aaosaheb happily hugs Anupriya. Anupriya asks Aaosaheb about her health. Aaosaheb says forgive me I couldn’t stop Sarthak marriage even after trying. Anupriya says leave it and goes out in tears.

Kalyani goes behind her and consoles Anupriya saying Avni trapped Sarthak Kaka to marry her and you acted to be angry with me, Kaka or you can’t kill Malhar so please tell me truth. Sarthak wants to have water, Avni drops water glass. Anupriya says you’re hiding truth, whom you bought to home like Malhar. Kalyani says you’re not talking that’s why I didn’t told you, he is Shera,bi bought him to get my Kid and to reach culprits of Malhar so please tell me Aayi who is behind Malhar death. Anupriya won’t answer her. Kalyani says don’t reveal but very soon I will found the truth.

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