Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th July 2021 Written Update : Kalyani gets attacked

Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Anupriya saying that now can she say Ajinkya is rapist. Ajinkya seemed to be innocent. Kalyani and Malhar tell her about shilpi. Anupriya says don’t know who is innocent but two women are the one suffering. Anupriya says that she will talk with Godavari and goes to talk with her. There she sees Godavari cursing that they gave her room to gungun and no one thought about her.

Anupriya comes there. Godavari apologises but she says she understands she is irritated. Anupriya asks her about Ajinkya and she tells her something which shocks her. Anupriya comes to kalyani and Malhar and tells them that Ajinkya is innocent. They gets shocked hearing her. But Anupriya is strong in her point.

Kalyani is sleeping in Malhar’s arms when she remembering about Anupriya’s stance goes to shilpi to know from her. Kalyani goes into the room and finds the room empty. She thinks that may be she went to washroom when someone comes from behind her and attacks her. The man is wearing a mask and he strangles her choking her. Kalyani frees herself and removes his face mask to reveal that it’s Ajinkya. Malhar cones there and saves her. Ajinkya runs away from there when he and Malhar gets into fight. Malhar leaves wounds on his skin.

Anupriya asks Godavari to understand her husband and his views instead of disliking him. Malhar and Kalyani comes there. They say there is no need. Godavari says that you have started again. Malhar says that this time they have proof. Ajinkya has attacked Kalyani and tried to hurt her in shilpi’s room. Anupriya gets shocked and tells them that Ajinkya can never do this. Kalyani asks her to believe.

Anupriya says that he can’t do that because he is in the washroom. Ajinkya comes from the washroom but Malhar attacks him. They free him from Malhar. Malhar leaves from there in anger when Anupriya denies to say the reason. Kalyani tries to console him but he gets angry at her.

Godavari meets indhu and asks her as to why did she ruin her life. She says he is not the one she loved. Indhu asls her to accept it. Godavari leaves from there when Ajinkya keeps his hand on her shoulder. Godavari shouts at him as he runs behind him when indhu asks him to. Another person looking like Ajinkya comes to Indhu and promises to hurt Malhar.

Godavari is ready to leave but Anupriya is not there. She denies ritual to be done by Kalyani. Ajinkya comes there. Kalyani ignores him. Malhar comes there and says he can’t leave anywhere. Screen freezes on Malhar.

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