Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th February 2020 Written Update: Malhar and Kalyani finally gets a Ray of hope in the court case of Anupriya

Episode started with Kalyani is breaking everything in the house and she is shouting in frustration as she is not able to save her mother. She is shouting in anger and is breaking everything around her and and is cursing the people whoever gave punishment to he rmother, Malhar comes there at that moment and he noticed Kalyani in such a distress state and he tries to console her. However, Kalyani is not ready to agree to his terms and rules and she says don not try to fool me with your false hopes. Malhar finally says to Kalyani that he has a plan ready to save Anupriya from the jail and law and order.

Kalyani finally paid an attention to his words and he says I will present Aahir as a witness so that he can come and give the verdict that whatever Anupriya did that is completely out of self defense and nothing else. Kalyani finally gets hopeful and she hugs Malhar in excitement and joy. Malhar also hugs her tightly and says you do become impossible and intolerable at times but that doesn’t mean anything different to me. I love you like this only.

Swara is making Atharva eating the food and she is trying to check his reaction when suddenly he starts to shout that the food is so spicy and it has green mirch that his mouth is burning with the spicyness. Aaosaheb comes there and starts to scold Swara for being not careful while on the other hand, she is trying to calm down Atharava.

Swara makes him drink water and says sorry for the mistake. Atharv says to Aaosahib that why are you scolding my wife and he goes to Malhar and Kalyani to make a complaint against her. Kalyani is trying to make Moksh eat something so that he can have his medicines. Atharva comes inside the room and says please come with me as Aao Saheb I have is berating my wife Swara for no reason and I want to save her or else she will get angry with me.

Kalyani somehow manages him and says we will come with you for sure when he switches on the radio and the RJ says that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and you can share your plans for your loved ones with us over the phone. Kalyani and Malhar exchanges in look with each other when Atharva asks Malhar what are you going to gift to my mother and please give me an idea about what shall I give to my wife Swara?

Malhar gets a call from the police officials about confirmation of the presence Aahir in the court hearing of Anupriya the next day. Malhar gets happy with the news. In the morning Kalyani prepared a gift for Malhar and she decided to tell him the answer office I love you today but in her own style. Malhar also brought something for Kalyani but both of them hide their gift for each other so that they can give the other one surprise. Kalyani decides that I will not confess my love for you until the right time comes.

Sarthak tries to take some time from the head judge of the court case of anupriya so that the product of this case can be reached to the code for giving his verdict. The judge appears disinterested in giving away any more time and moreover she already labelled anupriya as a murderer. Kalyani couldn’t take it anymore and chitra starts to break the staff of that room as well when does head judge slaps Kalyani hard on her face.

Malhar karm se and he ask for sorry for the behaviour of Kalyani but he also made clear that the kind of behaviour she did with his wife is also not right and ethically and legally wrong. However, the judge seems to be convinced of her actions that she says to Malhar to keep Kalyani away from her courtroom. Malhar brings Kalyani out of the room of head judge and says whenever she gets hurt it is him feel the pain.