Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th September 2020 Written Update : Malhar takes a stand for Kalyani

Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Vikram denies to marry Kalyani. Aaosaheb says they are going to send Kalyani to Mumbai for treatment so he need not to worry about anything but Vikram is adamant to not change his decision of not marrying Kalyani. Anupriya pleads Damini to explain Vikram and not spoil Kalyani’s life. Aaosaheb tells Vikram to talk with their family doctor once and he will give assurance to him that nothing will happen to Kalyani.

Damini says it’s about her son’s life and she doesn’t want to force him. Anupriya asks them to wait for some days and they will get to know that Kalyani’s wounds are healing when they changes her bandage. Vikram gets irritated hearing her and asks her to not pressurize him.

Damini tells Vikram to not talk like that. Vikram says why will he marry her when he can’t even take her with parties and all and if they had kids they will get afraid seeing the marriage pictures. He says he can’t even imagine how much Kalyani’s face damaged. Damini apologize to Aaosaheb saying Vikram took the decision already and she is okay with that.

Damini was about to leave from there with Vikram but Aaosaheb stops her saying let her son’s marriage happen with Godawari because first they came to see her only. Anupriya shocks hearing her. Aaosaheb says that day she listened Damini’s request today she is asking them to accept her request. Vikram agrees to marry Godawari and Aaosaheb thanks them.

Shattered Kalyani leaves from there and Malhar notices her tears. He asks her from when she became weak that their talks started to affecting her like this. He says she has to break the alliance not them and takes her outside. He tells everyone that Vikram doesn’t have the standard to marry Kalyani and removes the engagement ring from her finger and throws it on Vikram. He attacks Vikram for talking like that with Kalyani and Damini tries to stop him. He says Vikram knows nothing about Kalyani and starts to praise her saying she can love anyone unconditionally and can took stand for truth without any fear but he is just behind her wounds.

Damini asks why no one stopping Malhar and says he is not behaving like a servant and instead of handover him to Police they are listening him silently. She says they has to face the consequences of all the insults. Aaosaheb apologize to Damini saying Malhar is not part of her family so she should ignore him. She says Malhar lost his job so he keep blabbers anything and her family doesn’t have any connection with him.

She asks Malhar to leave from there without uttering any word. Malhar was about to go from there but Kalyani stops him and tries to remove her bandage. Anupriya stops her but Kalyani removes her bandage to show her face. Anupriya gets happy seeing Kalyani’s face and says her wounds healed completely. Kalyani says now she will call the Police to tell what Damini and her family did with her. She threatens what will happen if the news reaches the media. Aaosaheb tells Kalyani to not talk like that with Damini.

Kalyani says she doesn’t want to keep any kind of relationship with these people. Aaosaheb says she won’t change her decision and Godawari’s marriage will happen with Vikram. Later Malhar tries to console the crying Kalyani and says he can’t see her crying and wipes her tears. She tries to wipe his tears but he moves away from her saying she need not to worry about him. She says today she got a glimpse of a person she used to love even though he can’t become hers still he is a good person only. He shocks hearing her.

Episode ends.