Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th February 2020 Written Update: Kalyani tricks Receptionist to get the form of Sampada

Episode starts with Kalyani says I got slap than why you feel pain. Malhar says I can feel your pain in my heart and places cooling bottle to soothen her cheek and suggest her to stay outside. Kalyani says you promised me to get my Aayi and I trust you and stay here. Malhar says everything will be fine. Anupriya reaches to court. Kalyani hugs Anupriya and says don’t take tension, Malhar makes plan and Aahir will confess against Ranchit and you will get released once judge is convinced. Anupriya asks is it true Malhar. He says I will tell you everything and asks her to come. Anupriya notices slap marks and asks what happened. Kalayani says nothing and Malhar takes Anupriya inside. Kalyani prays Ganapati.

Sarthak says this is special case Judge ji and Anupriya shot Ranchit to protect Swara and he is also combined with Naxals so it’s not crime to kill the culprit. Judge asks where is the proof to prove he’s with Naxals. Malhar says witness will come. Jailor says Aahir medical condition is not good do he can’t come to Court. Kalyani sees this from window and goes near jeep and cries thinking why it always happens with me. Atharva and Swara asks Kalyani what happened. Kalyani reveals how Aahir is not coming to court. Swara goes to court room.

Atharva says I have some proof with me and gives the Ranchit phone he takes from the temple. Kalyani thinks maybe this phone can help. Swara says Aahir is acting like sick to make us suffer. Malhar says I can bring him. Judge asks him to bring Aahir in one hour. Malhar agrees.

Kalyani notices one unsaved number in Ranchit phone and to know the owner of number she asks Atharva to talk with that number in Ranchit voice. Atharva asks that person who re you. Somelady lifts the call and says what sir, I’m doing this much help in your plan than how you forget. Kalyani asks her about her and plan. She cuts the call. Kalyani thinks to reach Ranchit info to reading those number conversation. Kalyani notices hospital adress and calls auto. Atharva takes gift and goes.

Malhar comes outside and notices their is no Kalyani. Kalyani goes to city hospital in auto. Atharva shows gift to Kakyani saying he got it near Malhar car and asks to open it but Kalyani denies to open it and keeps it with her. Malhar also notices Kalyani gift in his jeep.

Kalyani searches for Malathi in hospital but She notices Sampada and thinks how she escaped from house. Sampada asks receptionist about Doctor Parthav regarding surrogacy. Kalyani notices Sampada moves. Sampada fills the form. Receptionist goes to get the info from her senior. Kalyani thinks how to know what’s she filling. Sampada thinks Kalyani and Malhar wants kid from me but they won’t get to know this kid from surrogacy.

Swara confesses Anupriya shotted Ranchit to save her. New Lawyer enters and says this is preplanned murder. Judge asks whore you. He says I’m Shiv dutt and Ranchit company hired me for this case. Shivdutt says it’s murder to get Ranchit property because Kalyani married him and planned this murder with her mother. Sarthak says they are not married and asks Shiv dutt to prove Kalyani is married to Ranchit. Shiv asks what proofs you have to link Ranchit with Naxals and Malhar also didn’t reached to court with Aahir.

Kalyani asks Receptionist about Sampada form. Receptionist denies to reveal. Kalyani acts like police and created drama saying I will close this hospital etc. Receptionist gets tensed and gives Sampada form to her.

Malhar asks Jailor permission to meet Aahir but Jailor denies. Malhar questions him saying are you combined with Naxals?