Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th June, 2016 Written Update; Malhar to make Kalyani study for exam

The episode starts with Aao saheb is asking Kalyani to walk on burning coals to prove her love for Moksh. Kalyani gets angry and revert back by saying who are you to question my love for my son Pillu? Ignoring this Aao saheb sternly ask her to confess whether she can walk on coals or not. Kalyani recalls telling Malhar that from now on her pain will be his punishment as she can’t punish him. She takes off her sandals and is about to step on burning coals when a flash of water comes there.

It was revealed to be Malhar who comes there with the work water pipe up and puts water on the burning coals. This made Aao saheb and Aparna tai very much angry as their plan to torture Kalyani gets ruined. Malhar comes to Kalyani and said “I know that you will not do as per my say so I have to appear every time from now on to save you from hurting yourself for punishing me”.

Atharva comes there and make a scene by clapping hands and said as the husband wife duo is here the drama is bound to happen. He tries to manipulate Atul by saying that “Kalyani stepped on burning coals for life and now he will not be able to do anything”. He also said “you must have seen many dreams for your daughter but now you will have to regret”.

Atul says that Kalyani and our relation doesn’t exist for me anymore as she herself killed it for life. Kalyani gets upset listening to this. my heart aches stand for Kalyani here and says, “I know you were worried for Kalyani and addresses him as Baba…….”.Atul shuts him up and ask him not to call her Baba ever. Malhar continues that Kalyani will surely fulfill all your dreams and one day she’ll make your name famous and you will be proud of her.

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Malhar tells Sarthak that Kalyani was upset with him. Sarthak I showed him and said, “you should be happy for being able to save kalyan’s life from getting butchered. Malhar says that “I will get mox custody anyhow and for that we have to find out about Mugdha”. Atharva brings Moksh in the Lamborghini toy car and tells that it’s your good fortune that you come to me . He also said, “you are used to wear old clothes at your old father’s house”and he laughs.

Sarthak lessons to all days and remarked, “it would be very kind of someone to buy some intelligence with the money he has”. Malhar says even if someone buys him intelligence that will be another case but no money can buy the love between a father and a son. Atharva labs from there taking Moksh with him.

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Malhar comes in the room and sees that Kalyani is dancing with high music. Malhar goes to the music system and switches it off. Hey scolded Kalyani about by saying, ” Do you came down to room for dancing go and study well and have your food as well. Kalyani again switches on the music system and Malhar again comes and switches it off. Malhar gives her reminder about the promise he made to Atul. Kalyani says “do you ask me before promising? I will not study. My pillu is with them and I am disappointed with the whole issue so I cannot start a normal life all of a sudden.

Kalyani all so sad that she is no more scared of Malhar. Malhar gets angry and told her not to force him to become strict like before with her. Kalyani says that she is not scared of Malhar and gets up on the bed. She gets hit on her hand and it starts bleeding. Malhar makes her sit and tries to make her understand that if she gets married to Atharva then what will happen to him. He brings ointment for her hand but Kalyani applies salt on her wound

Malhar asks are you mad? Kalyani says that all these are punishment of his mistake. She is not able to punish him so she is giving herself punishment and her pain will be his punishment. Malhar says that I am done with your drama and handcuffs her with him. Kalyani protests that you can’t arrest me like a criminal. Malhar says that I have to do it so that you will not be able to hurt yourself anymore. Kalyani asks him to get the keys but he refuses to do so.

Kalyani says that she will shout and will make a complaint to Aai against him. Malhar says I will tell Maai myself about all this and they hear Atharvas voice. Malhar hurriedly ties dupatta in his and Kalyani hand to hide the handcuffs and goes out.

Pallavi taunts them saying that now their standing together but minutes before they are fighting. A person came with flowers and all the housemates get wonder who can order this? the delivery boy says that Malhar orders all the flowers for his wedding night. Malhar denies it and blames Atharva for ordering all the flowers and put his name.

Atharva defends himself and says by will I make arrangements for your wedding night. Kalyani also revert that we know you very well by now. Atharva goes to Atul and says just now Malhar promised you about Kalyan is bright future and now see he is planning for his wedding night. Malhar shouts Atharvas name but Atharva ask him to chill and says that I am concerned for you genuinely. He then calls a friend of Kalyani, Neha who came and informed the whole family that kalyani’s attendance is low and she will not be able to sit for the exam.

She also said that if Kalyani comes and give the exam tomorrow then she will be able to get the admit card. Kalyani says how I will prepare for the exam in one night. Pallavi tones that they will prepare for their first night. Malhar in anger kicks the flower basket and says that no Kalyani will study and she will sit for the exam tomorrow.

Atharva’s monologue that till the time Malhar becomes Kalyani’s professor I have to find out something to do with Mugdha. Kalyani ask Malhar that if they are going to be tied up all day and night?

Kalyani says that she thought she and Malhar will beat Atharva. Malhar ask her to study but she says I can’t study. he starts teaching her but she said she will not study and will not cooperate with him. Malhar made her remember the promise he made to Atul. Kalyani again ask him to free her hand but he asks her to be quiet and study.

Kalyani argues that she is feeling sleepy so she will walk and study. Malhar gets shocked and Kalyani drops the book from her hand and bend down to pick it up. Malhar starts doing sit ups, Kalyani is also doing the same. She finally asked him to stop or else she will get muscles.

Malhar inform her that even my attendance is low and if she doesn’t study then Aai will also not study and will not sit for the exam. Kalyani says that I will have to go and check on Aai that she is preparing for her exam or not?

Kalyani calls Anupriya and asks her about her preparation. Anupriya says that she will fail in the exam, Kalyani ask her to calm down and study. Kalyani moves for taking books and Malhar falls on her as their hand is still tied with each other. They both fell on the ground and song plays in the background.

Precap : Atul says he will not allow Anupriya to sit for exam. Aao Saheb pushes Anupriya from stairs and hurts her.